Queenie – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Queenie season 1 episode 4 starts with Queenie dreaming about her mom attending their family gathering and waking up in a panic. It is Hannukah, and she visits Cassandra’s place to celebrate. Queenie is having trouble enjoying the holiday season. She confides in Cassandra’s dad that she has good and bad days. 

Queenie notices Cassandra is sad and takes her aside for a heart-to-heart. It’s revealed that Cassandra is grappling with relationship troubles with her new mysterious man. She’s worried that he’s not as invested in their relationship, especially since he declined to attend the party. The couple’s decision to practice abstinence is also causing strain, with Cassandra fearing it might be too much for them. Queenie, in her usual supportive manner, reassures Cassandra that it’s okay to take things slow and that she’s strong enough to weather this storm without a man.

The conversation switches to Queenie and how Tommy’s leaving must have triggered the abandonment issues with her mom. Queenie says she is okay and heads home. Guy visits her without prior notice and begs to be with her. This time, Queenie asks him to be gentle. 

Over the holidays, Frank drops by to see Queenie with the flimsy excuse of returning her pen. He just wanted to make sure she was okay, as the holidays can be rough on her. Once again, Queenie says she is fine, but that façade is dropped when her mom joins the family at the church for prayers. 

Later, the family dines together, and Queenie makes an effort to avoid Sylvie at all costs.  On the contrary, Sylvie tries to get close to Queenie. Through a conversation with Maggie, we learn that Sylvie is fighting Roy in court and worries that Queenie might end up like her. During dinner, Queenie has a panic attack and rushes out. 

Even though it is Christmas, she heads to the office to check if their social media handles have been hacked. The boss thought they were and called for her help. It turns out they were not hacked. At the office, Queenie is surprised to see Ted; they end up drinking and having sex in the bathroom. Queenie is disappointed as she didn’t get to enjoy herself. Ted only cared about his experience.

Later that night, Queenie is surprised to receive a message from Tommy wishing her a happy Christmas along with a kiss emoji. She immediately screenshots the message and sends it to the girl group, asking for their thoughts and advice. Jessica shares with Frank that she hopes Queenie won’t go back to Tommy. Cassandra asks Queenie to take her time before responding, and Darcy hopes everything works out.  The episode ends with a shocker when we learn that Cassandra’s new mysterious man is none other than Guy. 

The Episode Review

Things are about to get messy, and we are ready with our popcorn. Did Gut know he is messing with two best friends, or is it just a simple coincidence?  As for Tommy, why would he wait until when Queenie has started coming around to the reality that they are over to send a message with a kiss emoji? Does he want her back, or is he toying with her feelings? Don’t get us started with Ted; he is worse than all of them. He went from being the perfect gentleman to acting strange after sleeping with Queenie. What is his deal?

There is also Queenie and her mom; the family could have at least given  Queenie a head-up. She was caught off-guard when her mom showed up. We need to know more about why Sylvie abandoned her daughter. It seems like her abuser, Roy, was a big influence. Now that Sylvie is trying to get away from Roy, is she ready to earn her daughter’s forgiveness?

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