Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Why is Agusta worried?

In the Georgian timeline, Princess Augusta discovers that Young Charlotte fired Doctor Monro. The Dowager makes an effort to reassure worried lords that she is still in charge, however, the King and Queen continue to keep her in the shadows.

King George makes another attempt to push Charlotte away. However, the determined Queen won’t go away this time. The two then declare their love for one another. Thereafter, Augusta visits Kew Palace unannounced and asks to meet the King.

However, the Queen doesn’t let her meet the King, given that George doesn’t wish to see his mother. Before she leaves, Augusta reminds Charlotte of her responsibilities as Queen.

When the King and Queen return to Buckingham Palace, what happens?

Charlotte convinces the King to return to Buckingham Palace with her. While there, the Queen gives birth to the heir as George gets ready to speak to Parliament.

While working for their respective monarchs, Brimsley and Reynolds enjoy being close to each other at Buckingham Palace.

His Majesty freezes and is unable to get out of the carriage when he is scheduled to deliver a speech. On receiving the news, Charlotte follows her partner beneath the bed, where he is hiding from view. Thereafter, she promises to love him regardless of his imperfections.

What issues is Lady Danbury dealing with?

Agatha feels uncertain of what her future holds. Furthermore, she doesn’t tell Augusta anything about the Queen when she is asked. She also avoids discussing her inheritance issue with Charlotte because she doesn’t want to stress her out.

Young Danbury is briefly courted by the Queen’s brother. Thereafter, she is asked to marry him. Agatha is reluctant to accept the offer. We learn that she still feels hurt about Lord Ledger ending their brief relationship.

Is Violet aware of Lord Ledger and Lady Danbury’s past intimate relationship?

In the present timeline, the Viscountess admits to Lady Danbury that she’s thinking about getting married. She then discovers a paper hat made by her dad in Lady Danbury’s living room. Agatha deflects Violet’s attempts to learn the truth though, while¬†Violet extends an invitation to Lady Danbury.

When Lady Danbury arrives at Violet’s, her room is filled with paper hats, some of which were designed by Lord Ledger. The two women reach an unspoken but mutual understanding during the tense scene.

Is the Queen successful in her efforts to continue her family line?

Queen Charlotte’s efforts to arrange marriages eventually work out. Prince Edward and Victoria, his new wife, have been expecting a child. When Edward says that the child will probably be a girl, Charlotte is pleased that a powerful queen will rule her country.

What happens at the ball?

The King and Queen are throwing a ball. George’s public appearance solidifies his position as king. Princess Augusta ultimately relinquishes authority over her son after being impressed by Charlotte’s accomplishments and she goes on to thank Her Majesty for keeping her son happy.

Young Agatha declines Adolphus’ proposal. Meanwhile, Brimsley and Reynolds have a passionate dance in private, away from the spectators.

The Queen meanwhile, runs into Agatha. She scolds Lady Danbury for hurting Adolphus and then confronts her for not seeking assistance from the Crown regarding her inheritance concerns.

Are the King and Queen still in love?

In the present timeline, Queen Charlotte pays her husband a visit. She helps the King get back to reality by hiding alongside him under his bed. Charlotte goes on to give him the good news, who in return thanks her and holds his hand. They seem to be in love while they share a beautiful moment together.

The Episode Review

The episode delves into the Queen and the King’s romance, as well as the problems in their marriage brought on as a consequence of the dark secrets he and his loved ones withheld from her.

In the Regency era, we watch Queen Charlotte struggle to ensure that her family line continues.

Queen Charlotte and King George are depicted as being deeply in love in the season’s final episode, rounding things out in a really satisfying manner. George and Charlotte are content with one another and they constantly remind each other about their connection. Similar to what they did while they were teenagers, the King and Queen end the episode by hiding beneath the bed, coming full circle and closing things out on a tender note.

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