Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – Episode 1 Recap & Review

Queen To Be

The fact that Charlotte will soon marry the King of England does not make her happy. She has been forced into this arrangement because her elder brother, Prince Adolphus, previously signed the marriage documents.

Charlotte meets the Dowager Princess Augusta, who will soon be her mother-in-law when she arrives in England. Charlotte’s only responsibility, according to Princess Augusta, is to give birth to many children. Matters get more unpredictable when Brimsley, the soon-to-be Queen’s helper, and everybody else additionally refuse to give her any information regarding her future husband.

During Charlotte’s arrival, the ton is divided on the basis of race. As a result, Princess Augusta expresses worry regarding the bride’s skin tone. However, they decide to act as if there is no ethnic conflict within the aristocracy because wedding plans have already been made. Princess Augusta unexpectedly invites affluent POC to attend the wedding and additionally gives them titles in an effort to normalize the situation.

Agatha Danbury, who was a young woman at the time, is bound to an old man in a loveless union. However, her partner has a frightfully impressive amount of stamina. Her closest companion and private helper, Coral, prepares a hot bath for her after each session of sex with her spouse because she finds it so unpleasant.

Danbury is shocked when she receives an invitation to the royal nuptials. She becomes a Lady when her partner assumes the title of Lord Danbury. She doesn’t waste any time in extending her support towards the soon-to-be Queen.

On the day of her wedding, Charlotte decides to run away because nobody will give her any information about her future husband. When she tries and fails to get across a wall, she runs into King George. She is unaware that she is talking to her future spouse. Young Charlotte is fascinated by him right away when he reveals his true identity. Thereafter, the wedding ceremony goes by flawlessly, and the new Queen is completely smitten with the man she’s married.

Queen Charlotte has been given some terrible news in the Bridgerverse’s current timeline. We learn that the Princess Royal, her grandchild, and her infant, both died during childbirth. Without wasting any time, Lady Whistledown reminds everyone that the monarchy is now vulnerable as a consequence of the Princess’s passing. Despite the fact that the Queen and King had numerous children, none of them had legitimate kids of their own. As a consequence, there is currently no heir to the throne.

Queen Charlotte meets her children, given all of the pressure from Lady Whistledown as well as the Prime Minister. She demands that they wed right away and begin having children as soon as possible. However, the idea doesn’t particularly excite any of them.

We are transported back to an older timeline. Towards the end of the evening, the young King George takes Queen Charlotte to Buckingham House. He informs her that she must live there by herself while he stays at the Kew palace by himself. The newlywed Queen is puzzled given that it is her wedding night. Her spouse, however, doesn’t want to spend the rest of the evening with her. He responds angrily when she makes an effort to confront him.

The episode comes to a close with the newlywed Queen lying in bed by herself and regretting the fact that she failed to jump across the wall.

The Episode Review

We get to meet the show’s primary characters in this episode. Additionally, viewers get a glimpse of the fictional ton’s ways prior to Bridgerton’s first and second season.

This episode also includes scenes that takes place in the Bridgerverse of the present day, during which Queen Charlotte must use her matchmaking abilities on the members of her family.

When compared to the Charlotte who has tirelessly served as queen for so long, the recently arrived Charlotte is such a stark contrast. However, one thing is clear – the Queen is ideally suited for the role because she possesses the qualities that lie beneath young Charlotte’s confidence and Older Charlotte’s tiredness. Furthermore, we learn that she’s not emotionless. On the contrary, she simply had to learn when to express her emotions and when not to.

The episode puts the Queen in both the timelines in a difficult position with equally challenging problems on their hands.

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