Quarterback Season 1 Review – An intriguing and exciting docu-series

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There have been a fair number of series looking at the NFL and following the highs and lows of each season. Amazon’s All or Nothing series cracked the formula for following one team all the way through a football season. Netflix’s Last Chance U has been a great watch for college football, while more dramatic renditions, like Friday Night Lights or The Longest Yard, show the reach this sport has.

With the NFL season due to start again in a few months, Netflix are back with another show focusing on American football. This time, we’re looking specifically at Quarterbacks. The “toughest position in sports history” is fragmented across 3 different players whom we follow through the 2022-2023 season.

Kirk Cousins plays for the Vikings and he wants to break into becoming one of the top players. Sitting on the periphery of greatness, could 2022 be the season he changes everything? Well, he’ll have to contend with Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City darling who has been dubbed by some pundits as the “best football player ever.”

Rounding out the trio is Marcus Mariota, who has been bouncing around various different teams, trying to get his career back on track. Will he finally fly during his season with the Falcons?

Each of the 8 episodes bounces between the three different players, with unprecedented access to their lives. From time in the gym and practicing plays, to social media reactions and intimate family moments, NFL fans should be in their element here.

While casuals can still watch this, Quarterback feels tailor-made for football fans. All the usual colloquial terms through football are used interchangeably, although to be fair episode 4 does do a good job of explaining the mental preparation that goes into games – and what some of these terms mean.

With NFL star Peyton Manning narrating during the opening first episode, it’s also good to see that he’s the executive producer here too. As a result, there’s lots of authenticity with the drama, including getting up close and personal through key moments in the season. Expect plenty of motivating locker-room speeches, on-field flare-ups and some revealing talking head interviews with the players themselves.

Quarterback is a decent docuseries and there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. The focus being split across 3 different players is a smart choice, and seeing the differing fortunes for each is partly what makes this series so interesting. And, of course, when the teams do inevitably square off against one another there’s plenty of fireworks and high-stakes drama. If you’re a football fan, this one’s definitely worth checking out.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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  1. I’ve just watched the first season. I grown a new respect for Kirk Cusians. He was never negative but damn his offensive line is soo damn bad. They might have gone way further if he had a better line. His center is probably the worst offensive linemen I’ve EVER seen. #56 complete shit.

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