The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey – Episode 4 “Coydog” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey starts with Ptolemy opening up the floorboards to check what’s underneath. With Robyn’s help, the pair find a box. Inside happens to be 2 of a total set of 14 stolen gold pieces.

There are only 2 left, which Ptolemy refers to doubloons. So where is the rest of it? Well, Ptolemy has been cashing in the coins for money, partly to treat Sensia but also to help “our people”.

Flashbacks shed more light on Coydog’s plight, which sees him strung up and hung from a tree. However, just before he passes away, he kicks over a barrel which hits the men down below, who burn and run away. Ptolemy actually witnessed this all take place from afar, sobbing.

Back in the present, Ptolemy shows Robyn a whole suitcase full of money that he’s got. With his memory returning, Ptolemy admits that he used to cash his retirement cheques and whatever he didn’t use, he’d put away for a rainy day. 50,000 to be precise.

Robyn isn’t exactly enthused with seeing the cash, given her past, but together they head down to the bank to set up a checking account. Not all of it though, as the rest he intends to spend with Robyn, giving her some new clothes and a brand new bed. Or, at least a sofa bed anyway. Robyn is over the moon, pointing out that she’s only really had a sleeping bag before.

Robyn invites over Roger to meet Ptolemy but the conversation soon turn to his job with Reggie. Ptolemy disguises his suspicions well under the pretense of friendly chatter but there are memories starting to come back that change that.

Reggie had issues, namely with Nina’s ex boyfriend who was actually put away in prison but released quite recently. He and Nina had started talking again, with him ignoring Reggie when he asked for him to leave her alone.

Before leaving Ptolemy, Reggie actually told the old man that he intends to pack up his things and leave, going down to Texas. Given Nina’s ex can’t break parole and leave the state, it could be a way to escape from him. Did he kill Reggie?

Ptolemy heads down to see his doctor again, who warns that, while his vitality and strength is impressive, it could well bring with it a pretty nasty downfall too. For now, Ptolemy is growing from strength to strength, reflecting on his time with Sensia (and her lovers!) before visiting his old friend Syed.

Syed is an antique seller and with Robyn by his side, they want a valuation to figure out how much these coins are worth. It turns out for the single coin they have it’s worth 50k on its own!

Back home, a guy called Darwin Andrews arrives at Ptolemy’s to ask him a few questions. He’s with the council, intending to see whether Ptolemy can fend for himself. Unfortunately, Ptolemy’s niece has put in a complaint saying that Robyn has been abusing him, with the pair living in squalor and Robyn stealing his money.

Naturally, Darwin is allowed to head in and look around, while Ptolemy decides to question the two officers with him about Reggie. Unfortunately it’s above their paygrade, with detectives allegedly in charge of this – but no witnesses or anyone charged right now. Finding nothing, Darwin leaves.

Ptolemy and Robyn eventually head up to see Hilly and Niecie. Obviously Ptolemy is doing much better, surprising Hilly as he believes social service would have taken him away.

However, there’s more drama here as Reggie’s children are actually staying with them but allowed to go and play in the streets. Ptolemy takes Hilly aside and calls him out for stealing. For Hilly, he’s completely nonchalant to the whole affair and claims that it’s not a problem if those he steals from don’t know it.

Ptolemy ships some money to Niecie, encouraging her to set up a gathering later on down the line. After agreeing, Ptolemy leaves to go and see Billy, who happens to be down at the boxing ring working.

Apparently Nina’s ex was originally put away for 20 years but he managed to get out after 12. Upon learning this, Ptolemy contemplates his options, deciding to follow this lead going forward.

The Episode Review

Ptolemy Grey returns this week with another solid episode, this time starting to showcase Ptolemy’s memory coming back. The visit to Niecie and Hilly works well, with the latter given some words of wisdom – even if he’s unlikely to actually follow through and use this to better his life.

We also see Robyn and Ptolemy grow closer together, with Robyn revealing more about her past. This works well to actually flesh out her character and seeing her torn up and shy away from that amount of money is indicative of her character and a great way to humanize her plight.

This one is definitely a slow burn and it seems like Reggie’s killer is probably the ex-boyfriend who has escaped from prison. Then again, there could be another side of this we’re not seeing. We’ll have to wait and see!

For now, Ptolemy Grey bows out this week’s episode with a promising sign of things to come, and a return to the earlier drama that made this show so enthralling to begin with.

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