Protocol: Rain – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Protocol: Rain Episode 12 begins with Fox One preparing for their final match against Sleeping Owl. Just then, her manager enters and drags Yuu out. Nozomi stands in her way and Yuu asks her manager if she can do it one last time and Yoshiko agrees.

Mio watches the match and fears the outcome as Shun won’t be able to meet her in case of a loss.

How does Fox One fair in the first half of the match? 

The match begins and Sleeping Owl predicts Fox One’s strategy and counters them.  The scene cuts to a flashback of Rox trying to convince the team to let him be the IGL. The other teammates disagree but are forced to comply due to his record. Sleeping Owl bags 5 wins and is only two victories away from a sweep.

How does Mio change the course of the match?

In the interval, Fox One teammates are cornered with no way to revive their team. Mio recalls the consequence of the loss. Worried, she defies all odds; she stands up and cheers for Shun. Her mother is astounded to see this and shows it to Shun via a video call.

Mio tells Shun that she is fighting her hardest and needs him to do the same. Seeing this, the team is motivated and goes into the next round without a plan. Yuu decides to unmask herself and reveal her true identity to the crowd.

How does Fox One turn the match around?

Fox One spontaneously adapts to the playing style and begins to bag wins through coordination. They bag 6 victories and take the lead. In the following match, Sleeping Owl bags a victory, leaving the 2 teams to fight for a match point.

In the final match, all other players except for Rox and Shun get eliminated, leaving them to have a Duel. They open fire on each other, but Shun runs out of ammo. He quickly switches to his knife and goes for a melee attack. The knife connects, and Fox One claims victory.

How is Yuu impacted by unmasking herself for the tournament?

After the match, Yuu sees a lot of negative comments on her appearance in the tournament. However, the manager does her best to cover up for the unexpected reveal. She is now supportive and also offers to manage the entire team.

Shun returns home and is glad to meet Mio at the end of Protocol: Rain Episode 12.

The Episode Review

Protocol: Rain Episode 12 delivers a thrilling climax between Fox One and Sleeping Owl, concluding the tournament on a positive note. Moments of bravery, surprising revelations, and strategic manoeuvres heighten the tension.

The finale presents Mio with a challenging situation, pushing her to confront the coping mechanism she relied on to keep Shun by her side. Meanwhile, Yuu boldly reveals her true identity, disregarding potential public repercussions.

Despite facing a significant setback, Fox One rallies and levels the score. The final episode culminates in a heart-pounding showdown between Shun and Rox. Shun emerges victorious, bringing the season to a satisfying close.

The episode adeptly blends action, camaraderie, and character development, exploring themes of identity, unity, and resilience. With compelling storytelling and impactful moments, Episode 12 stands as a thrilling highlight in the series, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating more.

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