Protocol: Rain – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Protocol: Rain Episode 6 begins with the team gathering after their loss, hoping to defeat the Sleeping Owls in the next match. Souta announces that he has managed to repay all the overdue installments with the runner-up prize money.

At home, Yuu contemplates how to voice chat with Shun without revealing her identity. She receives a message from Shun and begins chatting with him, leading to a wholesome conversation. She expresses gratitude for his past support when she felt out of place in society and mentions how he protected her from online bullies. Shun then shares a tragic event that affected his family a few years ago.

The scene shifts to Mutsuki analyzing Shun’s profile, followed by a conversation between Shun and Mio. Their mother discusses a rehab center for Mio, and Mito expresses guilt about being a financial burden on the family.

The next day, Shun and Akito surprise Mio by taking her out. They introduce her to Yuu, leaving her star-struck. They spend the day exploring the fair and enjoying themselves. During lunch, Yuu discovers that Nozomi sees Shun as a brother figure.

They visit the shrine to offer prayers, with Mio and Shun praying for each other. Later that day, Shun spots Matsuki in the distance and approaches him. Matsuki claims to know the future and accurately references Shun’s past, suggesting that Shun also has the ability to foresee events. He invites Shun to join him at the end of Protocol: Rain Episode 6.

The Episode Review

Protocol: Rain Episode 6 introduces an unexpected twist to the story, challenging the existing trajectory of the storyline. It all begins with Shun making amends with his sister and taking her out to meet her favorite celebrity. However, things take a mysterious turn when Shun unexpectedly encounters Matsuki at the fair and is invited to join him. Matsuki claims to know the future and proves it by offering precise details of Shun’s past.

At this crossroads, Shun appears to be the kind of person who makes righteous decisions. Considering Matsuki’s offer seems sneaky and comes with unforeseen circumstances, Shun might choose the righteous path and stick with his friends to face the prodigy in future tournaments.

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