Protocol: Rain – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Protocol: Rain Episode 5 begins with Shun waking up on the day of the finals. Mio prepares his clothes and then returns to sleep. Yuu takes a look at Shun’s picture and sees him looking happily at Nozomi. She then crops his face onto a picture with her. Nozomi makes sandwiches for the team.

Shun wakes up and relishes breakfast with Mio. They have a discussion about why he isn’t home often. He then offers to take her out, but she doesn’t feel like it. He assures her that he is always there for her.

The audience gathers for the final round of the tournament. Shun receives messages from Explosion, and it cheers him up. Entering the competition, he meets Rox who greets him. He assures Shun that both of their teams will win, and they will face off in the finals. He hands him another box of curry, claiming it will help him focus.

At the table, everyone relishes the sandwiches, but Shun drinks the curry. Yuu tries to stop him, but he continues to have the curry. Just then, Nozomi intervenes and forces him to have the sandwiches.

As the matches start, Fox One wins the semi-final round. Sleeping Owl team strategizes for their match against Fox One, and Rox proposes that he be the IGL of the team. They run the decision past the manager who allows it.

The match between Fox One and Sleeping Owl begins. Fox One is able to get easy kills, but immediately after gets taken out. This continues for multiple matches. They realize Rox is using his teammates as decoys to take out their team.

The members of Sleeping Owl are appalled by how Rox uses them as decoys, and Gettu decides to disobey Rox’s orders. Rox, however, has a plan for this and manages to take the round. Unfortunately, Sleeping Owl wins a sweeping victory at the end of Protocol: Rain Episode 5.

The Episode Review

Protocol: Rain Episode 5 encapsulates the final round of the tournament. The match is quite one-sided, as intended. However, the justification of how the victory was achieved isn’t realistic. Rox somehow uses all his teammates as decoys and takes out the entire opponent team. Generally, if you can see every opponent from your camping spot, you are also visible to the entire opponent’s team. In these cases, corner peeking is an easy way to counter the opponent.

Apart from the gameplay, the brother-sister relationship seems to be getting twisted and doesn’t seem appropriate. Aside from that, the storyline of the anime appears to be quite intriguing. The budding romance is definitely setting the stage for an upset in future episodes.

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