Prodigal Son – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Love Is Dangerous

After a week’s break, Prodigal Son returns with a mixture of surprisingly comedic moments and a taboo plot line revolving around sex. As we approach the midway point of the show, Prodigal Son delivers a more formulaic episode this time around, one that maintains the same level of drama and ends things with Malcolm continuing to be haunted by the ghosts of his past.

The episode itself begins with a nightmare involving a strange, shadowy figure and a katana. In therapy, Malcolm relays his nightmare to his therapist, who suggests he do something normal, prompting him to ask Eve out on a date. However, his normal day is shattered when Gil calls Malcolm to the scene of a crime.

This week the theme is sex and after some surprisingly funny quips with Dr. Edrisa, the dramatic cloud covers the series again as Beth returns home, to learn the man they’ve found dead in her room isn’t actually husband. Taking Beth aside, she admits to lying and reveals the man is actually called Caleb. They were involved in a sexual game that was put together by Jasper. In order to find definitive answers, Malcolm speaks to Nico who explains how to become part of this game. With everything set up, Malcolm meets Jasper’s assistant.

As it turns out, the initiation to be accepted into Jasper’s game involves having sex. Unfortunately for Malcolm, as the woman rips his shirt open, she spots the wire and realizes he’s working with the police. It’s here she tells them she was the one who slept with Caleb in Beth’s house and points toward David as the one who may be responsible for the killing.

After a fruitless discussion with David, Malcolm prepares for his date but once there, runs jnto JT and his wife, who encourage him to do a profile of Eve. It doesn’t go well and as she runs out the bar, JT and Malcolm get confirmation that they’ve found Jasper. When they arrive at the apartment though, Charles is dead and Simone is knocked out by the killer after a conversation with Malcolm over the phone. Realizing who the real killer is, he heads over to arrest Beth. After finding out the truth and surviving a tense stand-off with Beth herself, the case is solved.

As the episode closes out, Gil speaks to Jessica about the girl in the box while Malcolm takes the plunge and visits Eve again. After sleeping together, Malcolm awakens in the night and sees the mysterious girl again. As he flails wildly with a knife, Eve wakes up as Malcolm apologises for his outburst, staggering back to the kitchen counter.

With Malcolm attempting to regain some semblance of normalcy and a surprisingly comedic tone hanging over parts of this episode, Prodigal Son returns with another strong 40 minutes of drama, even if the case of the week material isn’t as strong as some of the other episodes we’ve had here. Fox’s latest crime drama has really come into its own over the past couple of weeks and quite what the future holds for Malcolm remains to be seen. With no Martin or Ainsley to grace our screens this week, Prodigal Son is no less as effective, delivering another solid episode here and leaving things wide open for next week.


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