Prodigal Son – Season 1 Episode 19 Recap & Review

The Contract Killer

Following a week’s hiatus, Prodigal Son returns for an episode that cranks up the tension and delivers a really exciting slice of drama, one with a shocking twist at the end. Quite how this season will finish remains to be seen but right now, Prodigal Son is certainly gearing up for a tense climax.

After the issues surrounding Nicholas Endicott, episode 19 of Prodigal Son returns to see Malcolm called into the precinct as it’s revealed that Eve’s dead and has been for the last 2 weeks. Given this would link to the time-frame of her finding out about her sister and rushing out to investigate, Malcolm deduces that this is not a suicide and decides to pursue this further.

On the back of this, Malcolm and his Mother head up to see Martin but find Ainsley there instead; a dysfunctional family reunion. Ainsley presents her findings to Jessica and tells her that Endicott is the one responsible. Martin backs this claim up too, with information about Sophie and how Endicott is not someone you can say no to. He’s also not someone to get his hands dirty either, which prompts Malcolm to believe there could be a contract killer involved.

With Malcolm hitting a blind spot and the possibility of a contract killer on the loose, Gil instead calls on the expertise of a man named Ciro, someone who steers them in the right direction to a female assassin known as The Nightingale. Only, she apparently didn’t kill Eve.

With little to go on, Malcolm instead decides to visit Eve’s apartment and find clues. Inside they uncover spy holes in the ceiling and realize the killer has been watching her all this time. As they check the CCTV footage from the building, they notice the killer enter and leave, but always with headphones on to cover his ears. As Malcolm gets to work profiling, he realizes that Eddie, the new guard at Claremont, has cauliflower ear which could make him the one responsible.

Up at Claremont, Eddie chokes Martin out as Malcolm and the others race to the psychiatric hospital. Martin beats him down though and puts his thumbs through the man’s eyes. After Martin backs up, Eddie’s placed under arrest.

As the episode closes out, an enraged Malcolm visits Eddie in hospital while we cut back in time and see Endicott threaten Martin while forcing his hand. A hard cut back to Malcolm shows him in his apartment some time later but arrested for the murder of Eddie. With Malcolm’s DNA all over the man, did he really kill Eddie or is there something more sinister going on here?

With lots of questions hanging over this one and the scene set for a dramatic final act to follow, Prodigal Son returns with a really enjoyable episode this week. The moments with Gil and Jessica do feel a little tacked on but aside from that, Fox’s latest crime drama certainly makes the week wait worth it.

Is Endicott responsible for killing eve? Or is there another twist in the tale to come? Only time will tell of course but right now, Prodigal Son comes out swinging – let’s hope that continues next week!

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