Private Lives – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

Up Against The Wall

Episode 12 of Private Lives begins with Jeong-Hwan and General Manager Kim coming face to face.

After a frosty reception, Jeong-Hwan learns that Kim hired Joo-Eun at UI. He’s not happy that Jeong-Hwan betrayed him though, mentioning the ledger, Bok-Gi and Joo-Eun’s involvement in everything that’s transpired so far.

While they talk, guards surround the restaurant. Kim gives Jeong-Hwan one final chance to join him again; get rid of everyone and take care of it himself.

As we cut back to the past and see, Jeong-Hwan was approached by Kim at the orphanage. Tae-Joo was also there too from the looks of it. Given Kim’s kindness hits hard when he finds out Kim gave the order to kill him in the present.

Although Kim shrugs it off and blames it on GK’s ruling, it’s clear that Jeong-Hwan is saddened by this turn of events.

Saying his goodbyes, Jeong-Hwan races out and flees the scene. Evading the guards, he catches up with Joo-Eun and takes her out for a meal. Their hang-out spot happens to be their old table they shared during the documentary filming all those episodes ago.

While they sit down, Jeong-Hwan suggests she should leave and go abroad as things could turn dangerous. She refuses to go though, telling him they’re a team and promising to have his back. She even admits to knowing he has the president’s ledger.

The next day, Jeong-Hwan heads up and greets Assemblyman Kwon while he’s gardening. He, in turn, rings Commissioner Choi and asks to meet regarding some important news.

This inevitably brings him into the police station where he smashes a vase on the floor. Detective Kim happens to be watching and sees this from afar.

Kim bites his tongue as the Chief tells him the Joo-Eun case isn’t as simple as it seems. He remembers Joo-Eun’s words about it being a kingmaker case and asks the Chief whether he’s willing to cross the line. If he is, then Kim will be happy to reveal all. This certainly grabs his attention, prompting the man to sit forward and eagerly await what he has to say.

As we cut to Joo-Eun, she receives word that she can pick her car up. Her name has been cleared and Jeong-Hwan is there to greet her with flowers and a congratulations. He drives her up to the police station, unbeknownst to her that Kim happens to be watching from afar too.

Soo-Jin shows up though and asks Kim for the truth. Together, they head out for dinner where Kim finally opens up and admits that the police force is broken and corrupt.

Soo-Jin knows all this though but makes him promise not to fall ill anytime soon. She likes it when he’s healthy but as they dig into their food, she’s clearly not feeling great. In the bathroom she struggles to compose herself.

Back at the Detective Agency, Mi-Sook takes the initiative and asks exactly what they’re all getting from continuing this charade. Joo-Eun sees herself with no other choice, especially given they’ve already crossed the line. When Mi-Sook leaves, Joo-Eun drinks while trying to convince Han Son to follow her.

Jeong-Hwan meets with Kwon in the parking garage and is given a new license and everything he needs for his next plan. Before he goes, he asks whether Kwon’s name is in the President’s ledger.

Given Kwon didn’t write it, he isn’t so sure. However, he does promise Jeong-Hwan he’ll clear his name if he wins this war. “If” being the operative word here, especially given the dangers they all face going forward.

It turns out Jeong-Hwan had a bug installed on Kim’s car. Kim eventually finds it but it’s obvious that the General Manager has bigger fish to fry, especially when he winds up in trouble with Director Oh. Hyun-Kyeong turns up behind him with a smirk on her face.

Detective Kim bumps into Jeong-Hwan and looks set to chase him out until Joo-Eun arrives to stop him. It’s touch and go for a while but she feigns an injury and manages to stop Kim pursuing this.

Only, Jeong-Hwan suddenly shows up and shakes hands with the detective. He’s clearly had enough of hiding but Joo-Eun struggles to smile, especially given what he promised to do in the pas.

Detective Kim and Jeong-Hwan eventually head out together where they discuss the justice system and the failings of the police force. That failing sees Kim head inside the evidence room to find details about an unsolved case for Hyeon-Cheol – a man who happens to be President ChoI’s driver.

Soo-Jin joins in the hunt too and together they start going through the files. They eventually find the investigation report which confirms that he commit suicide… but did he really?

Back at GK, Jae-Woon knocks Seok-Ho down and berates him for getting involved. The two fight until Hyun-Kyeong shows up – someone who happens to be the new team manager at GK. Both boys look on in shock as she takes her position next to Kim.

Jae-Wook heads back to his retreat but Bok-Gi happens to be watching his house. She finds out that Jae-Wook sued and got 500 million won on the back of his claim.

Finding out what she can, she pays the corrupt cop for his troubles and heads off on her way.

Only, as she does it turns out Jae-Wook doubled back and is currently stalking her up to her hotel room. Thinking twice about knocking, he instead leaves his own message in red ink outside, writing “adios” up on the wall.

Joo-Eun arrives on the back of this and propositions Bok-Gi with a new documentary. She wants her help in playing kingmaker together to thwart Jae-Wook’s plan. Eventually she agrees to do just that.

All the team settle into their roles, posing as extras, while Bok-Gi manages to weasel her way into meeting Byung-Jun. When Joo-Eun realizes where she is, Bok-Gi brushes aside her phone call and mentions the secret ledger to this candidate.

Eventually Byung-Jun bites and heads up to see Jae-Wook. Only… Bok-Gi shows up right alongside him – along with a pinged location for the others at the detective agency to track down.

As Jae-Wook and Bok-Gi come face to face, the episode comes to a close with another cliffhanger.

The Episode Review

Private Lives delivers another episode chock full of espionage thrills. The conflict between GK and the detective agency continues to heat up as all of this revolves around our congressmen.

With Kwon and Byung-Jun looking set to go toe to toe, it remains to be seen quite who will come out on top.

Seeing Joo-Eun and Jeong-Hwan revising their old hangout spot is a nice touch and the episode itself leaves the door wide open for where this conflict may go in the future.


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