Primo- Season 1 Episode 8 “What?” Recap & Review


Episode 8 of Primo starts with Professor Pedraza telling Primo that he should participate in activities that will help boost his college application. Following this, Mya tells Rafa about her summer plans, which include attending math camp and reading James Baldwin’s complete works.

Primo is stressed because he doesn’t have a plan. He’s also concerned that Mya will find a boyfriend before returning from summer vacation so he decides to confess his feelings for her.

Rafa returns home to find his mother kissing Sammy. Drea tells Rafa that she has been dating him for the past six months, and proceeds to tell Rafa everything. Rafa then goes on to congratulate his mother.

Drea tells her brothers about her relationship with Sammy, who proceed to quiz her about him. Eventually they do accept her relationship with Sammy.

Rafa questions Drea about how Sammy asked her out but Rafa informs Drea of his intention to confess his feelings to Mya. Following this, Rafa requests that Drea throw a party so he can do just that. Drea agrees, and all of Rafa’s uncles pitch in to help decorate.

Rafa’s uncles offer to help him write a letter to Mya in which he expresses his feelings, but he refuses to accept their help.

At the party, Drea’s brothers are concerned about Sammy’s intentions with their sister. They proceed to search his car to ensure he is not hiding anything but Drea and Sammy spot them looking through Sammy’s car. Drea goes on to explain that they are simply being protective and caring, and Sammy understands.

Rafa takes Mya for a walk. She knows what’s in the letter he wrote for her when he hands it over. She goes on to tell him that she and her family are about to relocate in two months because her father has been reassigned to a military base in Missouri.

When Mya returns home, she speaks with her brother Rockwell. He had previously been in a relationship that ended when they moved. Rockwell tells Mya that the experience was worthwhile so Mya decides to reads Rafa’s letter, going on to meet him.

Rafa decides to visit Mya at her home and the pair end up talking, meeting on the road. The season comes to a close with the pair sharing a touching moment and kissing.

The Episode Review

Shortly after the episode begins, Rafa decides that the time has come to express his feelings to Mya. The uncles, on the other hand, team up to figure out whether Sammy is the best match for their sister Drea.

Even though there aren’t many funny moments in the episode, it’s still very moving. With loads of emotional moments, the season comes to an end in the best way possible.

If the show is revived for another season, the ending also gives hints at the conflicts season 2 will have to deal with. For instance, it will be interesting to see how Mya’s relocation will play out and how it will impact her relationship with Rafa.

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