Primo – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Game Champ” Recap & Review

The Game Champ

Episode 4 of Primo begins with Mike trapping Jay on the roof in retaliation for him doing the same when he was younger. Mike demands that Jay apologize if he wants to go down. Jay refuses, so Mike leaves him up there.

Rafa returns home and informs Drea and his uncles that he has received an award. Drea is overjoyed and tells them she will display it on her wall of accomplishments and praise. Ryan gets upset when Drea removes Ryan’s certificate to place Rafa’s award on the wall, as he clearly doesn’t want Ryan to remove his certificate. He also upsets Rafa by undermining his award, and as a result, Rafa is determined to right this perceived wrong.

Mike continues to tease Jay as he struggles to get off the roof. Rafa and Ryan on the other hand, continue to argue. Ryan suggests that whoever wins the family game, Game Champ, decides what goes on the wall, and as such, it’s settled.

Rollie attempts to contact his deceased friend Felipe via the Ouija board after losing Game Champ, and Mondo assists him. Following that, Mondo says Felipe wants Rollie to give him his bet money. Mondo offers to assist Rollie with it but when Jay complains about being hungry, Mike gives him a sock sandwich.

Rafa wins after a series of games, and Ryan throws a temper tantrum and eats the dice. After a while, Rafa lashes out at Ryan just as he has gained some clarity because of Drea.

Ryan runs away with Rafa’s award, while Drea tells Rafa that Ryan feels threatened because of him. Drea wants him to work things out with Ryan.

Mondo takes Rollie to Felipe’s grave, where Rollie expresses his feelings to Felipe. Mondo burns Rollie’s fifty dollars there while Jay does eventually apologize to Mike. Mike refuses to get a ladder though, and Jay jumps off the roof. As a result, Jay falls on Mike, injuring his shoulder in the process.

As the episode closes out, Rafa pays a visit to Ryan at work and apologizes for his outburst and the two make amends.

The Episode Review

This episode maintains the lighthearted tone of the series, entertaining us with the Gonzales family’s Game Champ.

The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, and to avoid carrying the drama into the next episode, it introduces viewers to conflicts early on that are resolved by the end. By the time this episode is over, Rafa and Ryan have their issue resolved, and Jay has apologized to Mike.

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