Primo – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Ride Home” Recap & Review

The Ride Home

Mya asks Rafa if he can give her a ride home the following day and he agrees to do it enthusiastically. Thereafter, Tony asks Mya out, but she declines.

When Rafa gets home, he asks his uncle Ryan if he can use his car to drive Mya home. Uncle Jay offers his van but Rafa wants to take Ryan’s car, which they finally settle on. Ryan agrees to Rafa’s request that he and Mya be left alone during the ride, but Jay appears upset because Rafa isn’t accepting his help.

Mike and Rollie are joking around as usual. As soon as Drea enters the room, she tells them Mondo has injured his toe and needs to see a doctor immediately.

Drea visits the clinic and requests to see Mondo’s chart. After being bribed by Drea with a purse and wallet, the receptionist gives her the chart. When Rollie and Mike start looking for Mondo, they receive a call from Drea. She tells them that they must find Mondo right away because his chart suggests that he may have a heart condition.

Uncle Ryan is swamped with work, so Jay arrives to pick up Rafa and Mya in his van. Rafa is not pleased with the situation at hand, but he has no choice but to get in the car. Jay also takes up all of Maya’s attention, and Rafa is consequently unable to spend as much time with her as he had hoped. Ryan also suggests that Mya work for him in exchange for money, but Rafa is even more annoyed when Mya agrees to do the job.

As soon as Rafa reaches home, he expresses his disappointment with Ryan and Jay. Jay then asks Rafa to join Maya at the job site, but Rafa decides to do the manual labor job because he can think of no other way to impress Mya.

Rafa makes an effort to get to know Mya at the job site, but Mya makes it sound as though she doesn’t want to get close to him because her family is always on the move. Just then though, Rafa’s nose begins to bleed. He falls into a hole and is covered in dirt. A doctor checks him, and the bleeding stops, so Jay cleans Rafa with a hose.

When Mondo returns home, Drea pushes him to visit the doctor. Uncle Jay goes to meet Rafa to make things right, going on to tell Rafa that he feels like Rafa has a different uncle for everything, but Rafa never seeks their advice. Rafa assures him that if he ever considers having a wife and children, as well as taking on responsibility, he will go to him for help. Following that, Jay calls Uncle Ryan and asks him to give Rafa his car so he can take Mya for a drive.

Drea eventually takes Mondo to the doctor’s clinic, where the doctor informs them that Mondo’s heart is fine but he has a bunch of other health issues.

On the drive, Mya answers all of Rafa’s previous questions, indicating that she is open to the idea of getting close to him. Thereafter, they have a good time together.

The Episode Review

The episode is interesting and lighthearted to watch. Rafa has difficulty getting close to Mya, but they eventually have a good time together. Meanwhile, Rafa’s bizarre uncles keep us entertained.

The episode concludes with the resolution of the conflicts that arose during the episode, with Drea taking Mondo to the doctor, and Rafa spending time with Mya. It’ll be interesting to see what the show comes up with in the upcoming episodes but so far, this one has maintained a great aura of comedy and drama.

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