Primo- Season 1 Episode 2 “The Cookout” Recap & Review

The Cookout

Episode 2 of Primo begins with Drea informing her family that they will hold a Gonzales Family Neighborhood Barbeque. Drea divides the work among the family members and after a few days, Mya confirms the time for the barbeque at school.

When Rafa’s friends mention Mexican food, he tells them that he’ll ask his mother to make some because she’s a good cook. Rafa asks his friends to shield Mya from his family’s shenanigans after she leaves because he doesn’t want her to think poorly of him and his family.

Rafa makes his suggestion when the family gathers to discuss the barbeque. Drea agrees and is excited to cook. Drea’s brothers are skeptical, but she insists on cooking and asks them to focus on the barbeque.

When Drea goes to the store to buy the ingredients, Rafa’s uncles tell him that his mother is a terrible cook. They explain how they fix everything when she cooks Mexican food to protect her feelings. Following that, the uncles suggest that Rafa assist them in switching the ingredients this time.

When Rafa is assisting Drea in the preparation of Mexican food, she goes on to list bizarre ingredients that do not complement each other at all. Rollie tries to assist Rafa in switching the ingredients but Drea catches them in the act.

As a result, all of Drea’s brothers confess about them protecting her feelings by fixing her Mexican food. Drea, on the other hand, is not convinced. She challenges them to compete with her preparation at the Family Neighborhood Barbeque. She continues by stating that the people at the barbeque will decide which preparation is better.

At the Family Neighborhood Barbeque, Mya volunteers to taste both dishes, but after sniffing Drea’s, she throws it away. Another volunteer does the same, so Drea lashes out at her family, furious with them all.

The following morning, Drea is being passive-aggressive towards her brothers and Rafa. Rafa goes on to tell Drea that Mya liked his family because Drea’s brothers protected her feelings. After Rafa leaves, Drea tells her brothers that she understands why they did what they did, but she wants them to be honest with her.

Drea inquires about what else they have lied about, and they go on to list several things. Drea’s brothers ask her if she has ever lied to them about anything, and as a result we see a flashback of Drea lying to them about a bunch of things to protect their feelings. Drea, on the other hand, claims that she has never lied to them.

The Episode Review

We learn about the Gonzales family’s custom of hosting family-neighborhood barbeques in this episode. Additionally, this also establishes a connection between the viewers and the show’s characters, which is a nice touch.

This chapter is both heartwarming and hilarious at the same time and even though they are plenty, Drea’s brothers truly stand out in this episode.

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