Primo – Season 1 Episode 1 “Big Eyes” Recap & Review

Big Eyes

Episode 1 of Primo opens with Rafa checking out Mya’s pictures on her social media page. Rafa’s friend texts him, asking how many of his uncles are present, so he can decide whether or not to go over. When Rafa steps outside his room, we meet his mother Drea, as well as his uncles Rollie, Mike, Ryan, Jay, and Mondo.

Uncle Rollie asks Rafa about the girl he likes and how he plans to impress her. We quickly see a flashback of his uncle’s ridiculous advice, so Rafa decides to tell Rollie that he’ll do things his own way. Following that, we see the chaos Rafa’s uncles are causing by arguing with each other. Rafa texts his friend back, saying that all of his uncles are present, and his friend responds, “never mind.”

Rafa is summoned to meet with his guidance counsellor, Mr Flores. Mr. Flores talks about a college prep program with him. Rafa appears surprised that Mr. Flores considered him but his teacher goes on to call Rafa intelligent and capable of attending college. He then hands Rafa an application form.

Rafa’s friends Harris, Miguel, and Mya learn about the college prep program and how Mr Flores asked Rafa to participate. Rafa then pays a visit to his mother, Drea, at her workplace. Drea requests that he return home early.

Drea is having a conversation with her brothers. She informs them that Rafa’s guidance counsellor spoke to her and said that Rafa is bright and has a good chance of graduating from college. Her brothers’ opinions range from college being a scam to providing a good opportunity. Thereafter, Drea strictly instructs her brothers not to discuss the subject with Rafa and to refrain from giving him their opinions as it will confuse him. She wants Rafa to decide for himself.

Rafa is walking Mya home. They end up talking about what his mother and brothers will say about him going to college. Rafa returns home to find that his mother and uncles have planned a surprise party for him, embarrassing Rafa.

Mya, on the other hand, likes his family’s ways and compliments them. Rafa’s family gifts him a coat, and Rafa tells his family about what his guidance counsellor said. Following that, his uncles begin to express their views on the matter, ignoring what Drea had previously told them.

When Rafa accidentally finds his mother’s bank account open on the computer, he discovers that she only has $52. As he chews over this big revelation, Drea gives her brothers a lecture about them expressing their opinions about college despite her instructions.

Rafa confronts Drea about her account. Drea then tells him that she has everything under control but he bites back, believing that their life is too unpredictable, but Drea assures him that it is her responsibility.

Rafa visits his uncle Jay’s garage to seek his advice. Jay eventually includes all of Rafa’s uncles, and the situation becomes chaotic. Rafa tells Jay that he wishes to speak with him alone, while Jay fails to understand him. Drea then takes Rafa home.

Drea is enraged at her brothers at home. Drea goes on to tell them to let Rafa make his own decision but┬áRafa’s uncle Rollie stops him on his way out and tries to talk to him. Rafa tells him that he feels confused by all of the opposing viewpoints so Rollie assures him that it is ultimately his decision and that they will all take care of everything.

Rafa fills out and submits the college prep program application form. Rafa informs his family later that day, over dinner, that he is applying to the college prep program. Following that, he expresses his gratitude towards all of them.

The Episode Review

The episode lays the show’s foundation very well. The premiere sets the tone of a simple yet endearing coming-of-age tale revolving around our protagonist, Rafa.

In the episode, Rafa learns that he could potentially be the very first member in his household to attend college and that simple idea is seasoned with absurd comedy centered around the blunders of his five uncles. Until this point, the show has successfully balanced humor and emotional elements, giving a feeling that this could turn out to be a fun binge-worthy sitcom.

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