Prey for the Devil (2022) Ending Explained – What is Sister Ann’s secret?

Prey For The Devil Plot Synopsis

The story centers on a Roman Catholic Church that combats the global rise of demonic possessions by opening schools to train priests in the art of performing exorcisms. Nuns are forbidden from performing this ritual, but when Father Quinn notices that Sister Ann has a particular gift for getting through to demonic outcasts, he agrees to train her.

Thrown into the spiritual frontline, Sister Ann finds herself in a battle to try and save the soul of a young girl who is now possessed by the same demon that tormented her own mother years ago.

Why is the demon so interested in Sister Ann?

Through history, the devil and other demons are depicted as agents of chaos and spread their evil tendrils into unsuspecting victims. However, the demon in Prey for the Devil is fixated on Sister Ann, for a reason that’s not actually made clear within the movie.

Now, this demon tormented her as a child by possessing her mother, and then takes up residence in Natalie in a bid to get closer to Ann. It could well be that the demon senses Ann is a force for good and nobility and is trying to wear her down over time.

Father Quinn and Dr Peters do tell Ann that her spirit is stronger than her body and she can break free through her own inner strength. This serves as a double entendre of course, as Ann is battling her own inner demons throughout the movie.

Does Sister Ann save Dante’s sister?

Early on, two male priests, Father Raymond and Father Dante, attempt to exorcise a demon from the young girl Natalie. Ann has already struck up a relationship with her and where her two male compatriots fail, she succeeds through sheer will alone. She steps up and the demon is cast aside.

Father Dante notices a lot of strength and determination in Ann, and decides to use her to perform an exorcism on his own sister. Although the exorcism appears to be a success, the next day Dante’s sister commits suicide. In order to prevent any more heartache and bloodshed, Ann returns to her convent.

What is Sister Ann’s secret?

Something that many people may have figured out very early on, given the sinister baby cries and Ann’s ties with Natalie, is that Ann was actually pregnant when she joined the convent. She gave her child up for adoption and that child is – yep you guessed it! – Natalie. The demon hasn’t given up Natalie after all, but instead has been lying in wait for the right time to strike.

After being freed temporarily, causing chaos, and then eventually locked back up again, Ann heads in to see Natalie. This time though, Ann allows the demon inside Natalie to consume her. While it appears to overpower her initially, she’s able to defeat the demon by remembering the power of her own spirit.

In the ensuing fight though, Father Raymond is killed. Dante, Ann and Natalie do make it out alive and in one piece, with the threat of the demon over.

How does Prey for the Devil end?

Natalie is allowed to leave, no longer haunted by the demon, while Ann is remarked upon by her superiors, who point out how amazing she is. She’s allowed to become the first woman in centuries to study exorcism.

As she heads out in a taxi on the way to Boston, Ann is haunted by a couple of spirits, which appear to be manifestations of the devil, reinforcing that evil is not finished with her yet!


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