Prey Ending Explained – Does Naru defeat the Predator?

‘Prey’ Plot Synopsis

Set in 1719, Prey follows the story of Comanche tribeswoman Naru who is keen to break away from the patriarchal rules of her tribe and become a warrior.

She is given the opportunity to prove her worth when a new threat makes its presence known. Unsurprisingly, this new threat isn’t an animal or an enemy tribe. It’s a Predator who has dropped down from the skies, presumably on a quest to hunt down the beings that are at the top of Earth’s food chain – humankind!

Does Naru defeat the Predator? Or does she fall at the hands of this far more advanced warrior? Let’s take a closer look at the movie.

Is Naru an able adversary?

As you will know if you have seen the previous movies in the franchise, the Predator is a difficult foe to take down. As it has advanced alien weaponry and the powers of invisibility and heat vision, the chances of survival are slim for anybody daring to take it on in a fight.

This is certainly the case in this movie as several of Naru’s tribe members are killed by the Predator. The alien also defeats a bear and a group of French trappers in its quest to find a decent adversary.

Thankfully, Naru is a worthy match for the alien, despite being smaller and weaker in stature, as she is far smarter than her tribespeople assumed.

During the movie, she watches the Predator, learns of its attack patterns and makes a couple of realisations. After giving a herbal mixture to one of her tribespeople who has been injured in battle, she learns that the alien is unable to track the movement of somebody whose body temperature has dropped. She also realises the Predator is reliant on the tracking mechanism of its helmet when firing the projectiles that kill its foes.

It’s her smarts that make her an able adversary and she uses what she has learned in her final battle with the Predator.

Does Naru defeat the Predator?

The Predator kills most of Naru’s tribespeople, including her brother Tabbe who sacrifices his life to protect his sister from the alien.

Fortunately, Naru isn’t as easy to kill as those who died before her. Driven by the need to protect her tribe and avenge her brother, she is able to lure the Predator to her location with her captured prey – one of the French trappers. She makes herself invisible by consuming the herbal mixture that lowers her body temperature and after the Predator kills the trapper, she uses the guy’s gun to blast off the Predator’s helmet.

She then grabs the helmet and runs into the jungle before hiding at the top of a tree to lie in wait for the alien. When it eventually arrives, she jumps down from above and does as much damage as she can to the Predator with her sharpened weapon.

A vicious fight breaks out between the two warriors and Naru is almost decapitated by the Predator’s shield. Naru is able to stab at it again before she becomes a headless corpse and then drags the Predator into a bog where it becomes stuck.

As the Predator tries to remove itself from the mud, Naru tells her foe “this is as far as you go.” When the Predator takes aim and shoots at Naru, she uses the tracking mechanism of its helmet to divert the incoming projectiles away from her and towards her foe. These kill the Predator and Naru is victorious.

Are Naru and her people safe?

The Predator might be dead but Naru and her people aren’t safe. She returns to the tribe with her victory trophy – the head of the Predator – and warns them of the remaining trappers who are nearby. However, they have more to worry about than this human peril.

During the closing credits, there is an animated retelling of the events of the movie. But at the end of the credits, there is a moment we didn’t see – Naru looking up at the sky at another Predator spaceship!

Could this be the setup for a sequel? It’s possible. After seeing Naru as an able adversary, it might be that other Predators are keen to take her on in battle, and this could be the catalyst for Prey 2 should the powers that be decide to make it happen.


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7 thoughts on “Prey Ending Explained – Does Naru defeat the Predator?”

  1. Overall a good movie, but the only thing that’s running through my mind is that how in “The Predator (1987)” a whole bunch of trained military professionals with years of experience in combat, failed miserably against that Predator, whereas here a teenager desperate to prove to her tribe that she’s a worthy warrior is able to do that and that too within such a short time period.. Yeah, I agree that she used the environment smartly, but at the beginning of the movie she was facing troubles hunting rabbits, and by the end of it, she was able to kill a Predator..

    It’s like, me passionate to fight prime Muhammad Ali and I got the chance and defeated Ali.. Now, this comment might get reported or I might be called many things, but no one can deny what I said!

    It’s not about the gender, it is about the training and the experience!

  2. I think you missed it, the predator actually cuts his own arm off when trying to block a blow from Narus staff. He blocked with his shield that in turn crossed his body and cut his own arm off. Great movie

  3. Hey Daniel, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Usually our filter does pick up on comments like this but clearly that one slipped through. I do apologize on behalf of the team here! That comment has now been deleted and removed.

    -Greg W

  4. Yes! A sequel would be outstanding!
    What would be even make better is if Naru prepared her tribe on how to fight so y’all stop killing off those hot native men. Lol

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