Presumed Innocent – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Elements

Episode 6 of Presumed Innocent starts with Doctor Kumagai’s testimony in court. The doctor mentions that Carolyn was killed by a thin, blunt object and that she had Rusty’s DNA under one fingernail. Under Tommy’s questioning, Kumagai says that Rusty seemed off when he came to the morgue but Raymond quickly proves that Kumagai didn’t like Rusty much anyway.

Later, Nico berates Tommy for pushing Kumagai into coming across as aggressive. He then asks why Rusty’s DNA under Carolyn’s fingerprints wasn’t in the original report. Tommy says it was due to a backlog of work.

Meanwhile, Raymond and Mya advise Rusty and Barbara to use their body language to convey that Barbara believes in Rusty. Barbara insists on being her authentic self and letting the truth sway the jury rather than put on a performance.

Next is the forensic pathologist’s turn to testify. He says that Rusty’s DNA was found under Carolyn’s nail and a bit of his saliva on her body. He also says that the culprit took great pains to clean up.

Raymond tries to bring up the Bunny Davis-Liam Reynolds case that the pathologist also worked on but the judge tells Raymond to stop, for the lack of evidence of any connection to this case. Instead, Raymond offers the possibility that Rusty’s skin and saliva was only found due to their physical intimacy and nothing more.

Back home, Barbara looks through her old paintings. In court again, Eugenia gives her testimony. She describes how she came by Rusty and Carolyn kissing and, another time, arguing. She thought Rusty was losing himself to Carolyn. When it’s Mya’s turn to cross-question Eugenia, the answers reveal that while Carolyn never complained to HR about Rusty, she did make a complaint about Tommy Molto. Molto questions her again and she has no further information than that Carolyn didn’t want to work cases with Tommy.

Later on, Raymond discusses the case with his wife. At the Sabich house, Jaden approaches Rusty and talks about how she learnt that people can disassociate with their memories to protect themselves. Rusty assures her his memory is fine. When he’s getting ready for bed, Barbara confesses to him about her kiss with Clifton at his apartment.

He gets angry because of the way Barbara has been asking him questions about everything with Carolyn. She says it’s not the same and they argue. Rusty grabs her arm angrily and then suddenly realises what he’s done. Barbara walks away.

In the morning, Barbara says she won’t be with Rusty at court that day and heads out to meet Lorraine. Jaden suddenly hugs Rusty and apologises for upsetting him the previous night. At Lorraine’s house, Barbara says the court will go over Rusty and Carolyn’s communication with each other and she can’t sit through that.

At court, the judge informs the lawyers and Rusty that Carolyn’s son will be allowed to testify but they must proceed with caution. Back home, Rusty finds Jaden asleep on the sofa and puts a blanket around her. Barbara comes by and they reminisce about how they used to watch the kids sleep when they were little.

It’s then Michael’s turn at court. He says he went to Carolyn’s house to watch her since she didn’t want him in her life. He says he went once or twice a month and saw Rusty there often. Tommy takes Michael through his photos and videos and his meeting with Rusty.

He also admits that Carolyn said she was afraid of a man at work. Raymond begins to question Michael but all of a sudden, he collapses onto the floor. Help arrives and the medical officers administer CPR as Lorraine rushes to his side at the end of Presumed Innocent Episode 6.

The Episode Review

Presumed Innocent Episode 6 feels a tad long but it also fully dives into the courtroom drama of the show, which finally seems to fuel energy into the story and make it a gripping watch. The back-and-forth between the lawyers is crafted well and it’s interesting to watch Raymond poke holes in Tommy’s case. And this is despite the fact that we’ve already learnt of all this evidence.

However, the show continues to shift between the cold, hard court scenes and the softer, slower moments between the various characters. We see more of Rusty and Barbara’s relationship as well as Rusty and Jaden’s. The stress clearly has taken a toll on Raymond as well. But the two sides of the show aren’t quite melding together and the change in pace is jarring.

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