Power Rangers Universe Timeline



Having surpassed 25 years on the small screen, Power Rangers is one of those rare examples of a series that never runs out steam and manages to constantly reinvent itself with each passing generation. With the torch passed to new teenagers each time and a new set of Zords and weapons to boot, it can be difficult to remember every iteration of the Power Rangers. Thankfully, our timeline is here to help.

Chronological Order

This timeline is structured in relation to the time each series was shown on TV. Although the 1995 and 2017 feature films don’t directly link to the timeline, we’ve included it in for continuity sake.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Rita Repulsa

   The original teenagers with attitude, the first season saw the Rangers gather to tackle Rita Repulsa and her subsequent band of misfits.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Lord Zedd

With Rita Repulsa usurped from her throne, the monstrous Lord Zedd takes the mantle and brings a whole new challenge for the Rangers to face.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Although not directly linked to the show, the Power Rangers movie aligns the ideas in the first two seasons and presents the threat of Ivan Ooze. The Ninja identities went on to become a main-stay idea for the third season of the TV series.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Ninja Rangers

New faces join both sides of the fight as Rangers are switched, new Zords and morphers acquired and new foes to face. This season sees Rito Repulso join the fight to stop the rangers too.


Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

A continuation from the previous season, Alien Rangers sees Rita’s Father Master Vile join the fight and turn all the Rangers into kids. The season then splits the focus between the Alien Rangers fighting while the young Rangers collect up pieces of the Zeo crystal to save time.


Power Rangers Zeo

Time is back to normal but this season sees a new threat on the horizon – the Machine Empire. As they arrive, casting out Rita, Lord Zedd and the others, the Rangers turn into the new Zeo Rangers and try to stop these maniacal machines


Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Unlike the 1995 and 2017  movies, this one essentially acts as a 90 minute episode. It introduces the new themes and ideas going forward, as the Rangers ditch the Zeo crystals and turn to cars instead.


Power Rangers Turbo

After Divatox’s plans are foiled in the movie, she sets her sights on conquering Earth. However, the Turbo Rangers are there every step of the way to stop her.


Power Rangers in Space

Divatox succeeds in destroying the Power Chamber but is called off-planet to participate in Dark Specter’s evil alliance to conquer the universe. Instead, this season sees Astronema and Dark Specter take up the villainous reigns.


Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

The Rangers face a variety of different threats, beginning with Scorpius and his minions before eventually mixing things up and introducing Captain Mutiny and his minions.


Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

A brand new group of Rangers are brought in to fight against the monstrous Queen Bansheera and her minions.


Power Rangers Time Force

The mutant Ransik and his daughter Nadira escape Time Force custody in the year 3000 and travel back to 2001. However, they do so after seemingly killing the Red Time Force Ranger Alex. From here the season sees the Rangers band together to try and stop Ransik.


Power Rangers Wild Force

A new group of Rangers band together and become the Wild Force Rangers. Their foe? The evil Orgs.


Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Another reboot, this time Ninja style… with a twist. Lothor’s evil space ninjas touch down and force two rival Ninja academies to work together to stop the threat.


Power Rangers Dino Thunder

 The evil Mesogog appears to bring Earth back to the Mesozoic age. Step forward the new Dino Rangers who are also joined by Tommy, who returns as a Ranger again.


Power Rangers S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta)

In the year 2025, the Space Patrol Delta police force protects the galaxy from the evil Troobian Empire’s forces. When their A-Squad fall in battle, it’s up to the B-Squad members to pick up the pieces and become heroes.


Power Rangers Mystic Force

Yer a ranger, Harry. Yep, The Power Rangers drop the morphers and instead see the sorceress Udonna enlist a new group of teenagers. Their mission is to protect Briarwood and its nearby magical forest from the evil forces of Morticon


Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

There’s a new group of teenagers in town. The Overdrive Rangers search for the jewels of the Corona Aurora before Flurious or Molto (and later Kamdor and the Fearcats) can.


Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Another reboot and another brand new group of teens to root for. The Jungle Fury Power Rangers are tasked with trying to stop Dai Shi from taking over the world.


Power Rangers RPM

A malicious and rapidly evolving computer virus known as Venjix has ravaged the Earth. The surviving members huddle together inside a force field where new Rangers are created to thwart Venjix’s evil reign.


Power Rangers Samurai/ Super Samurai

In order to prevent Master Xandred’s Nighlok forces from taking over the Earth, Mentor Ji of the Shiba House trains a group of students to become the Samurai Rangers.


Power Rangers Megaforce/ Super Megaforce

Zordon’s protege Gosei calls on new high school students to become the Megaforce Power Rangers and battle the invasion of the Warstar Empire.


Power Rangers Dino Charge/ Dino Super Charge

An intergalactic bounty hunter comes to Earth looking for the Energems; the Dino Charge Power Rangers are formed to find the Energems first.


Power Rangers Ninja Steel/ Super Ninja Steel

The Power Rangers protect an item called the Ninja Nexus Prism from the maniacal forced of Galvanax who wants to become invincible. In order to stop his threat, the Rangers are forced to master the way of the Ninja Steel.


Power Rangers

A movie adaptation that sticks closely to the original lore. Both the Rangers and Rita are given new identities while the ideas are changed slightly to see the Rangers stumble upon power crystals deep underground to become the Power Rangers.

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Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Set in the future, a secret agency called Grid Battleforce combines a substance known as “Morph-X” with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. It’s another computer virus villain too, this time in the form of Evox.

Power Rangers Dino Fury (Coming 2021)

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