Post Mortem Season 1 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Rigor Mortis

What happens with Dr Hansen’s body?

Episode 6 of Post Mortem begins with Reinert and Live both at the coroner’s, deciding what to do with Hansen’s dead body. Eventually they decide to drain his blood so they’ve got a steady supply. After, they intend to burn the man.

Odd Feels overwhelming guilt after transporting drugs attached to a dead body. In fact, sitting in his office he decides to burn the cash he’s earned. Probably not a smart move, given how much he owes, as Odd gives up and realizes the bank are going to take the house.

What is Live’s Mother hiding?

Back at the police station, Judith has started to close in on Live and her family, with an unresolved murder from 1993 and a new batch of bodies piling up in Skarnes. It would appear that Live’s Mother, Madeleine, is the one responsible for this and would explain the tape recordings – and Arvid’s erratic behaviour. He knows of his wife’s behaviour and Madeleine’s promise – to check for signs of darkness in Live – reinforce that they were carrying a heavy burden.

When Odd finds out about Hansen’s death, he’s obviously pleased that he can get some more business. After the earlier funeral was refunded, he sets to work preparing and making sure this one is a success. He confidently pitches a coffin, a self-proclaimed “Porsche of the casket world” and manages to sell it too. There’s no shady deals here, just a confident, rejuvenated Odd.

Does Odd find out about Live being a vampire?

Reinert starts to get cold feet and becomes angsty at the thought of him and Live being found out. In fact, that’s only made worse later on when Odd notices irregularities with Hansen’s body. Eventually Live is forced to admit the truth to Odd. She reveals she was involved in what happened to Hansen, and drops the bombshell that Hansen was the one who took her necklace and originally tried to kill her with a syringe. She does not, however, unveil the truth about her vampirism.

After dropping this bombshell, Live accompanies Judith to the police station, who’s desperate to get a conviction. While this is going on, Odd is tasked with bringing Hansen’s body to the coroner’s. There’s a big problem with this though, given Odd has already embalmed the body, meaning Judith is unable to continue her investigation.

On the back of this, Hansen has a straightforward funeral but Judith continues to exhibit her concerns. Odd too has his own concerns about Live, especially during a brief flashback showing Odd trying too extract blood from Hansen and failing to do so. As he drives off with Live, a concerned expression crosses his face. You can tell he senses something amiss with his sister but for now, that’ll have to wait.

The Episode Review

So with Hansen dead and our two vampires in the clear for now, the ending leaves things open with the possibility of a second season to come.

The show has been a weird blend of tones at times and not always meshing that well together. However, episode 3 is easily the best chapter of the bunch. i with that is the mystery involving Live which , the drama and mystery involving Lice is pretty straightforward in truth. It was perhaps a little too obvious that Hansen was the man responsible for a lot of the issues we’ve been seeing across the season.

As a modern vampire tale, Post Mortem does okay but the lack of action, a few plot contrivances and a decidedly open conclusion does put a bit of a damper on what’s otherwise been a relatively enjoyable watch. And what about Odd? Has he family home been saved? The ending seems to hint that it has, while Reinert and Live continue to hide in plain sight, determined to evade the prying eyes of Judith. Will there be a season 2? We’ll have to wait and see for now.

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