Post Mortem – Season 1 Episode 5 “Baptism By Fire” Recap & Review

Baptism By Fire

Episode 5 of Post Mortem begins with Odd trying in vain to get an extension on paying back his debts. After all, he’s going to be a Father now. And the answer? An emphatic no. However, a customer arrives which prompts Odd to immediately put the price up to 30,000 – the exact cost of his debts. As luck would have it, the guy accepts too!

As we soon come to find out, this is no ordinary body. In fact, this body actually has drugs stashed away inside, hence the price tag. It’s touch and go for a while but Odd does manage to get through customs without a hitch.

This whole case appears to be tied in with the librarian too, who was transporting drugs through books until the car tipped over. Now it seems like they’ve found an alternate way of transporting drugs.

Back in the hospital, Reinert awakens just as Judith shows to ask him questions about his antics. Dr Hansen chalks it up to a psychotic episode, deciding to release Reinert. Hansen does show up at Live’s place not long after and reveals all. Live’s Mother had the same affliction she does, with healing skin but a lust for blood. It now seems like Madeleine passed it down to her.

With Reinert now back home and the affliction passed to him, Dr Hansen deduces that they need to kill the officer before he kills. Live heads over to his place, intent on giving him some homemade smoothies to stave off the cravings.

Live tries her best to talk to Reinert about what he’s going through but he snaps and walks away. That spells big trouble given Reinert’s cravings, but Dr Hansen has his own plan. In fact, he’s taken blood samples from many different people and begins mixing that with his own blood, determined to find the key to prolonging life.

That evening, Reinert chases a child into an alleyway, determined to drink his blood and giving in to his cravings. However, Dr Hansen shows up and injects the man with a syringe from behind. Now it seems clear that he’s the on who stuck Live with a syringe too.

That evening Hansen encourages Live to head into the farmhouse to give Reinert a concoction to drink. However, in doing so Hansen locks the pair inside, hands over the necklace he took and looks set to burn the whole farmhouse down. Live does manage to escape though, but just in time for Reinert to choke Hansen out.

With the good doctor now dead, Reinert and Live stuck together and Judith closing in on the truth, everything is left wide open for the finale.

The Episode Review

Post Mortem has been an odd concoction of ideas that hasn’t always managed to hit the right notes. Don’t get me wrong, the show has had its moments but the storylines don’t quite gel harmoniously together. Odd’s woes at the funeral parlor look like they could finally be resolving themselves though while Live learns more about the past. The man who stuck her with a syringe is Dr Hansen after all while Reinert appears to be stuck in the same hell Live is.

With all this going on, the ending hints that we’ve got a big finale on our hands as we march on to the conclusive chapter.

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