Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Petition

Episode 7 of Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist season 2 begins with Poong and Eun-woo treating patients side by side while Gwang-il looks on. Meanwhile, Governor Ahn wonders how to get revenge on Gyesoo and ropes in Chil-sung who is unwilling. He sends the constable to spy on Poong and Eun-woo who immediately catch him. They however end up treating Chil-sung and sympathising with him as he must be stressed working for Ahn. They tell him to play hooky and leave which frustrates Chil-sung.

Meanwhile, the King sends a letter about the petition to Gye and tells him that he will protect Poong but Gye needs to make sure he doesn’t give the royal clinic any more reason for another petition. Eun-woo sees the letter and wonders if Poong’s achievements can easily be annulled by some petitions. Chil-sung tries to eavesdrop but Jang-goon invites him for lunch with the rest of the staff and they thank him for his help. 

Gye tells Poong that the petition of him using his royal ties to get with a widow and to annul his ranks was probably by Ahn but the latter is not deterred since it is all rumours. Gye tells him to think of Eun-woo and stay away from her for the time being.

Gwang-il approaches Eun-woo and tells her to go to her father as the rumours would affect her more than Poong. She refuses to run away but Gwang-il too tells her to stay away from Poong till the rumours die down. Poong sees them but remembers Gye’s advice and stays away. 

The next day, Gyesoo tell Poong that Gwang-il and Eun-woo are making house calls and he is annoyed. The rest of the day he and Eun-woo try to avoid each other. While making a house call with Gwang-il, the royal physician tells Poong that while the rumours may be groundless they need to worry about their actions which can be damning such as Eun-woo wearing his ring.

Meanwhile, Chil-sung tells Ahn that Poong and Eun-woo have been separated the whole time. An annoyed Ahn barges in at Gyesoo and finds the couple’s love letters and claims it is enough evidence to prove that Poong is involved with a widow which is immoral and can get his titles revoked. Gye negotiates to burn the love letters as well as Ahn’s contract of Ip-boon which could incarcerate him for kidnapping and human trafficking. The Governor is not happy but agrees. 

Poong finds Eun-woo crying as she feels she is the reason he could lose his honour as Yoo Se-yeop, the top acupuncturist of the nation. He says he will fix it and if he can’t he will live as Poong. At the Governor’s office, Ahn issues a ban that will not allow Gyesoo to do house calls, female physicians to work or widows to do anything but sew.

He makes Chil-sung declare the ban but Nam-hae just tears up the announcement and Gyesoo badmouth Ahn for tormenting the constable. Chil-sung feels guilty and apologizes to Poong. Poong tells him that he is brave for doing something he doesn’t want to do. He tells him to meditate and keep a journal about his feelings. Turns out, Poong does the same as he writes about how much he misses Eun-woo.

That night, disregarding the ban, Gye goes to take care of a gisaeng (courtesan) and is frustrated when he realises that she nor anyone else has a ban. He starts badmouthing Ahn and the patient tells him to be quiet as the Governor is in the gisaeng house at that moment. In another room, we see Gwang-il scolding Ahn for targeting Eun-woo as the petition would have worked if he had only complained about Poong. Gwang-il suggests creating an even more scandalous rumour and Ahn is all ears.

At Gyesoo, Poong goes to Eun-woo and tells her that he misses her. She feels the same but she tries to leave so as not to restart any rumours. He stops and hugs her as he says he can lose everything but her. 

Gye runs into Gwang-il as he leaves the gisaeng house and starts guilt-tripping him for all the lives that will be lost if Poong is not allowed to be a physician anymore. He says he heard that Gwang-il used to work with Poong at the Medical Office and wonders why he would ruin Poong. Gye then goes to Ahn to threaten him. Ahn acts tough but Gye tells him to stop his petty grudge otherwise he will regret it.

The next day, a little girl from another village runs to Gyesoo and asks for help as her mother is in labour. All of the male physicians are absent which forces Eun-woo to break the ban and go to her. At the Governor’s office, Ahn again beats up Chil-sung for not spying properly till the constable breaks and threatens to tell the King all about his ruse to destroy Gyesoo. Ahn is stunned as Chil-sung fumes with anger.

Gyesoo tells Poong about Eun-woo and he runs to her. The pregnant woman faints and Poong helps Eun-woo administer acupuncture. They successfully deliver the child but at that moment, they hear some bandits troubling the little girl outside. They announce that they are there to punish physicians for breaking the ban. They try to hit Eun-woo but Poong steps in and is hit instead. He beats up the thugs who then run away. 

Eun-woo and Poong return home together. As she takes care of his wound, she further feels guilty. But he tells her that it is not her fault but Ahn’s oppression of the weak. She is touched but then leaves as she is worried something worse could happen. She decides to leave Sorak early the next day and writes a goodbye letter to Poong. When he gets up, he sees her letter and runs out crying. At the harbour, Eun-woo who is tearfully waiting for her boat is shocked to see someone.

The Episode Review

It sucks to see our lovebirds suffering for something they didn’t do. It further feels unfair that Eun-woo is being targeted just because she is a widow which stops her from saving lives. And while Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist season 2 is just following the usual K-drama plot of throwing one last obstacle at our main couple, Eun-woo really could have handled it better than running away after all of her declarations of staying and fighting.

Well, good for Chil-sung for standing up to the Governor. It seemed from the start that he would do the right thing as he was conflicted and felt guilty when Gyesoo kept treating him like family. As for the other unofficial Gyesoo member Gwang-il, he really needs to reveal his grudge against Poong otherwise he is going to face the fans’ wrath for his cold-blooded vengeance.

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