Polar – Everywhere, Everything | Album Review

Track Listing 

Winds Of Change
Gods & Heathens
Everywhere, Everything
The Greatest Sin
Dissolve Me
Snakes Of Eden
Baptism Of Fire


Polar is not the type of band that want to stand around for a miracle to happen or for the world to change its ways, they want to alter the landscape of hard rock and they want people to immerse themselves into their sound and their ethos. The band’s album, Everywhere, Everything, is a nod to the trailblazers of the genre; the carriers of this somewhat misunderstood, edgy, but thrilling source of escapism for the outcasts.

The album is full of intensity and highly charged instrumentals, which are diverse and technical, while equally armed with vocal work that stands the test of time, with screams becoming volatile moments. Every lyric means something to this band too, as they’re discerning and story driven, pushing the written word to the limits.

From the onset, the record flies off the handle into a mix of screams and clean vocals. This showcases a maturity and clear foundations, while also showing skill and assertiveness. Though it may seem that the band is screaming for something sinister, they’re actually screaming for new hope.

‘Winds Of Change’ begins the LP. The build-up is arresting and the clean vocals display a subtle edge until the screams come in with volatility. An intense start, the song leaves a lasting impression.

‘Gods And Heathens’ is a direct hit, a track showing the band’s talents as a guitar force. The riffs are blistering, and the lyrics portray the end of love, as well as the evil intentions that are killing the world.

‘Rush’ breaks the mould as it comes in quietly. Scars and lost wisdom are explored, and the chorus beams a little light into the darkness, though it doesn’t fully engulf the gloom.

‘Deliverance’ is a monologue, a story-dressed track, burning through the desire. The band here tell their innermost thoughts, while playing their hearts out, and staring into the void.

Polar is a talented band trying to fix their world, and on this album, they don’t hold back.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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