Pokémon Horizons: The Series – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Special Training With Cap!

Episode 7 of Pokémon Horizons: The Series begins with Roy asking Liko to have a Pokémon battle with him and Fuecoco. After spamming Ember and Leafedge countless times, Fuecoco and Sprigatito take a nap. Mollie announces the battle ended in a tie. After the battle, Friede invites Liko and Roy to the meeting room. 

Friede hands Liko and Roy their Rotom phones and tells them that he made slight updates to them. Friede tells them that he installed the Rising Volt Tacklers app on both of their phones. Murdock chimes in and says Liko and Roy can use the app to contact him or the others if they’re ever in need. 

Roy registers Rayquaza’s data into his Pokédex and questions where it could’ve run off too. Friede tells Roy that the Rising Volt Tackler’s crew member Dot could assist them with their troubles. He states that she’s their intelligence specialist and Murdock chimes in and says Dot’s his niece. 

Roy overhears a familiar jingle on the airship. He and Liko depart from the meeting room to investigate. Liko realizes the jingle sounds similar to Nidothing’s program. Roy knocks on Dot’s door and asks her if she can provide him with intel on Rayquaza. Quaxly exits the room and Roy registers it in his Pokédex.  

The two notice a note attached to Quaxly’s body and take a peek at it. The note features a drawing of Fuecoco and Roy looking defeated. Liko and Roy visit Friede and Cap. The two ask Friede if he can help them get stronger. Not only do they want to impress Dot, but Roy and Liko share their reasons for wanting to attain greater strength.

Admiring their resolve, Friede vows to help them become stronger. Before Liko and Roy battle Friede and his Charizard, Cap intervenes. Friede tells Roy and Liko they’ll be battling Cap instead. If they can hit Cap once, they’ll win. Although Sprigatito and Fuecoco struggle to land a blow on Cap, Liko finds a way around its Double Team shenanigans. 

Before Liko and Roy call out another attack, Fuecoco and Sprigatito fall asleep, resulting in Liko and Roy’s loss. Murdock suggests they all eat. While eating, Liko and Roy question what they did wrong in their battle with Cap. After eating, Friede tells Liko that he wants Sprigatito to battle Fuecoco and to remember their experience battling Cap. 

While battling Fuecoco, Liko realizes that she needs to monitor her opponent’s moves and timing before commanding her Pokémon to attack her opponent. Realizing Liko’s discovered her and Roy’s greatest battling flaw, Friede chimes in with a helpful tip. Then, we continue observing Liko and Roy’s battle. 

Sprigatito learns Quick Attack and uses it to conquer Fuecoco’s Ember, thus netting Liko the victory over Roy. After the battle, Dot sends Roy a text, telling him and Liko to visit her. When the two are in front of Dot’s room, Dot has Quaxly greet the two again. Roy grabs the new note on Quaxly’s chest. 

This time the notes depict Rayquaza hovering over the Paldea region, signaling to Roy that Rayquaza’s there. Roy thanks Dot and leaves. Liko thanks Dot and realizes she’s not as cold-hearted as she thought. Liko hopes she and Roy will get to know her better. The episode closes with Dot typing something up next to her Nidothing outfit. 

The Episode Review

Although the two have engaged in Pokémon battles before, this was a much-needed excursion. Calling out random attacks without thinking is one of the biggest mistakes any Pokémon trainer or player can make. Thus, it was great seeing these two rookies grow and learn from their battle with each other and with Cap. 

While Cap may never reach the same level of notoriety as Ash’s Pikachu, Pokémon Horizons is doing a compelling job at helping this leader-themed Pikachu stand out. Whether it be through personality or action, it’s been fun seeing Cap battle opponents, good or evil. Hopefully, we’ll get to see him shine more throughout the series. 

Additionally, it’s great that Sprigatito is learning new attacks. While it’d be great to see Fuecoco learn a new move or two, it’s more fitting to have Sprigatito develop faster than Fuecoco, given how much time we’ve spent following it and Liko. Nonetheless, we’re hopeful Roy and Fuecoco will get their comeuppance in due time. 

Overall, this was another fun episode of Pokémon Horizons: The Series. While its content may not appeal to some, others will appreciate having a chapter that’s primarily focused on developing Liko and Roy’s battling skills and know-how. 

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