Pluto – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Pluto begins with Ochanomizu sitting in a park while being protected by a robot officer named Yujiro. Ochanomizu finds a beaten-up robot dog, takes it home, and tries fixing it. A man from the Ministry of Defense calls Ochanomizu and asks him for permission to send more troops to the Kingdom of Persia. Ochanomizu tells the gentlemen he doesn’t plan to create robots for warfare purposes, ends the call, and returns to helping the robot dog. 

Ochanomizu calls a friend of his for parts that’ll help him assist the dog, but his friend says they’re outdated and hard to find. Despite his efforts, Ochanomizu fails to save the robot dog’s life. Yujiro tells Ochanomizu the following day that the dog’s owner wanted to speak with him. The owner asks him if he felt terrible seeing the robot dog perish and asks Ochanomizu if he felt the same about the robots who perished during the war. The man confirms he’s a robot and the infamous Dr. Goji.

He asks Ochanomizu to send Atom to a location in Japan where a tornado will occur. Dr. Goji threatens Ochanomizu with his skills, saying he knows how to make lethal robots. Ochanomizu refuses to believe robots will kill humans due to Article 13’s creation. Goji acknowledges Ochanomizu for creating nearly-human robots. However, he warns him of the consequences that’ll arise if progress were to continue. Ochanomizu asks Goji if his reasons for his actions are out of revenge, proving Goji’s point. 

Suddenly, officers surround the area due to Dr. Goji destroying Yujiro. Atom arrives on the scene, enticing Dr. Goji to flee the area. As the officers chase after Goji, Atom explains to Bobby, that Ochanomizu’s grandson Takashi’s robot dog sent him an alarm signal, encouraging Atom to check on Ochanomizu. The officers find Goji lying on the ground and notice a trail of cockroaches flee the area with Goji’s computerized brain. Atom tells Ochanomizu that Uran flew off to Takashi’s home after receiving Bobby’s signal. 

Meanwhile, we receive a flashback of Abullah’s past involving his family’s demise. Abullah asks his partner about Pluto’s location and he tells him his transmission cut off. Uran arrives at Takashi’s home to provide Bobby with aid. They stare into the tornado Pluto created and Uran wonders why it’s getting Bobby riled up. Ochanomizu asks the officers to let him speak with Gesicht. He wants to tell Gesicht that Goji is the mastermind behind everything. 

Atom arrives at Takashi’s home and tells Uran to take Bobby, Takashi, and his mother to safety while he handles matters with the tornado and Pluto. After colliding with the tornado, Uran spots Atom on the rooftop. She rushes over to him and confirms he’s died. Gesicht awakens from a nightmare and Helena comforts him. She says he should contact Hoffman about his issue in the morning. On a rooftop, Adolf hesitates to shoot Gesicht. 

Someone tells the anti-robot cult leader about Adolf’s plans to kill Gesicht. He tells his partner to send people to dispose of Adolf since he wants Gesicht to die by public opinion. Geischt meets with Dr. Hoffman. They discuss a new nightmare he’s been having alongside someone who’s been stalking Gesicht from afar. Hoffman tells him to update him on any issues and asks him to try to enjoy his Japan trip with his wife. Meanwhile, Adolf visits a new location and begs his brother to give him the strength he needs to kill Gesicht. 

Suddenly, his car explodes and someone informs Gesicht of the incident while he’s with Helena at the airport. Helena notices the report regarding Atom’s death. She tells Gesicht and he can’t believe what he’s hearing. Gesicht heads to a corner, confirming to the audience that the nightmare he had last night was of Pluto murdering Atom. We peer into the nightmare a bit. Atom tells Gesicht that Pluto and he are the same and asks Gesicht if he is responsible for killing Atom himself. 

Gesicht passes out as we receive multiple events featuring current and new characters. He awakens inside the maintenance room and tells Hoffman he has to go somewhere. Meanwhile, some inspectors interrogate Adolf about his explosive dilemma. Tawashi’s partner tells him that Adolf was carrying an MZ-390 missile launcher and he asks his partner to keep him under surveillance. In his office, Adolf’s upset that Gesicht is no longer in arm’s reach. Someone tells him that the anti-robot cult leader plans to dispose of him. 

Adolf flees his office because he feels the anti-robot cult leader implanted a bomb there. He bumps into Gesicht, who tells him he’s been assigned as his protector. After Gesicht intermingles with Adolf’s family, chats with him about his interest in robots, and checks his office for bombs, he leaves Adolf in his office. Adolf confronts Gesicht about his assignment and tells him he can investigate his background if he wants. While researching, Gesicht asks Adolf about his export-import business. 

After sharing details, Adolf watches television and learns Epsilon’s creator was murdered. He tries enticing Gesicht to go check out the crime scene, but Gesicht doesn’t budge because that’s not his mission. To entice Gesicht further, Adolf shows him interesting surveillance footage his team captured at the Kara-Tepa Prison in Thracia of a man repeating the names of people who worked at Bora. Adolf says Gesicht should focus more on that than spend his time monitoring him. 

Gesicht asks Adolf why he’s keeping this intel from everyone and points out that the person in the footage is Darius XIV (the King of the former Kingdom of Persia). Epsilon saves Hoffman from an explosive demise and tells him he’s about to lose control due to his creator dying. Meanwhile, Gesicht struggles to reach Hoffman’s office. Suddenly, an unknown assailant tries murdering Adolf with a Photo-Thermal Smart Bomb but Gesicht saves him. 

Adolf comes clean about what he knows about the anti-robot organization. He confirms they’re responsible for murdering the robot judge in Berlin. Gesicht asks Adolf why they’re targeting him but Adolf pleads to help him get in the Witness Protection Program. Additionally, he wants Gesicht to protect his wife and son. We cut to the cult leader receiving intel from his henchmen about Adolf and Gesicht. He asks his henchmen to use the MZ-390 to kill Gesicht and Adolf. 

Gesicht tells Adolf his kid and wife are safe. He doesn’t know where Hoffman is but plans to take Adolf to a safe house. We cut to Hoffman, Hercules, and Epsilon. Epsilon plans to leave Hoffman with Hercules as he refuses to fight the enemy. Hercules thinks it’s a decent idea as it’ll lure the enemy toward him. Before he goes, Epsilon asks Hoffman about a secret conference he had with two scientists. The scientists were Dr. Howard (his creator) and Dr. Tenma (a scientist who created the ultimate computerized brain).

Hoffman confirms their mission was to create a robot that’d end wars and save Earth. He confirms that he and Howard shared their cards but Tenma kept his close to his chest. Tenma argued a perfect computerized brain will be capable of suffering, hatred, and error. Hoffman says Tenma managed to understand his and Howard’s research without issue. He left the conference, warning Hoffman and Howard to stop making robots more human because something terrible could arise from it. 

Epsilon asks Hoffman where Tenma is and confirms he’s Atom’s creator. Ochanomizu asks his device to phone in Tenma. We receive a flashback of Ochanomizu telling Tenma that he’s been put in charge as his successor for the Ministry of Science. Tenma tells Ochanomizu that to comply with Article 13, robots are equipped with a control device to suppress their emotions, thereby, hindering their computerized brains’ growth. He leaves Ochanomizu, claiming Atom to be a failure instead of a masterpiece. 

The device fails to find Tenma as Hoffman tells Hercules and Epsilon that Tenma disappeared into the underbelly of society years ago. Our trio ponders Tenma’s warning and wonders if he made the ideal robot of his dreams. Meanwhile, Gesicht tells Mr. Lieman that Hercules informed him that Hoffman’s safe and asks him for an update regarding the analysis of Adolf’s video data. Lieman confirms that Darius is the man in the footage. Gesicht asks him if he thinks Darius holds a grudge against Bora’s members. 

Lieman believes he did because Persia got plunged into war after Bora pulled out. Although Gesicht knows Bora didn’t find anything from what he was told, Lieman says they did find a special chip for creating a highly advanced computerized brain called the Tenma Chip. Lieman tells Adolf that another group might be targeting him, so he should stay on his guard. Adolf rushes to a bathroom area and Gesicht checks the surroundings to ensure his safety. 

After puking, the maintenance robot tells Adolf to kill Gesicht if he wants to secure his family’s safety. Adolf destroys the robot. After Adolf destroys the droid, Gesicht picks him up and yells at him. Adolf confirms this is Gesicht’s true nature. Adolf asks Gesicht if this is the same rage he had when he killed his brother, baffling Gesicht. We cut to Ochanomizu who is lost in thought over his encounter with Tenma in the past regarding Tenma’s remarks toward Atom. 

While Ochanomizu feels Atom’s the best robot on the planet, Tenma disagrees. He feels seething hatred helps robots’ computerized brains grow. He feels a brain capable of error is perfect. The episode closes with him telling Ochamizu that creating a brain of this caliber could lead to the creation of the Greatest Robot on Earth. 

The Episode Review

We’re halfway through Pluto and the series continues to be an emotional, complex, and well-crafted roller coaster ride. From Atom’s shocking demise to the new intel involving his creator, Dr. Tenma, many viewers will be left wondering how this all will unravel by episode 8. In addition to having well-animated set pieces and immersive character interactions, it’s difficult to pinpoint flaws here. 

The tidbits regarding Ochanomizu and Dr. Goji’s discussion about creating advanced near-human-level AI echo wonderfully throughout this chapter. It’ll make viewers question Gesicht’s connection to Pluto and make them contemplate if Atom spoke the truth about them being similar beings. Tenma’s comments at the chapter’s end about “hatred” add more fuel to Atom’s deduction. 

Coupled with Schelling’s undisclosed information concerning Gesicht’s wiped memory and Adolf’s belief that Gesicht murdered his brother, Gesicht is looking more and more like a guilty party with each passing chapter. Hopefully, a new piece of data will arise that’ll prove his innocence.

Overall, this was another fabulous chapter of Pluto. While it was a bit confusing at times, it contains some fun twists, fascinating set-ups, and intriguing concepts to hold viewers attention. We’ll see if the final four episodes can keep it up. 

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