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Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain (2023) Ending Explained – Do the boys find the treasure?

Please Don’t Destroy Plot Summary

The story centers on best friends Martin, John and Ben. They’ve been friends since Middle School and are still trying to relive their glory days as teens, but they’re 26 now and getting on a bit. Martin has a new girlfriend in Amy, Ben is on-course to taking over his father’s store, while John feels directionless and unsure where his life is going.

He can feel his friends start to drift away, and he realizes this treasure hunt could be his chance to bring the gang back together again for one more adventure. So off the boys go, and along the way they find their lives changed forever.

Who tries to stop the boys from finding the treasure?

While the boys head out on the trail, two Rangers, Lisa and Taylor, decide they want to try and find the map – and subsequently the treasure – for themselves. Lisa hooks up with John that night and steals their map. All seems lost…until the boys realize they still have the compass, which seems to be pointing toward the treasure.

What happened to Deetch?

After finding the treasure with the help of the compass and a harmonic door lock, it turns out the missing guy Deetch is actually in a cult.

John stashes the Marie Antoinette bust under Deetch’s chair, and the trio are shocked when they learn the cult want to destroy the treasure completely.

John uses his magic to hoodwink the group and take off with the real treasure. John makes a big decision after Martin’s scathing assessment of John’s directionless life. John decides to stay in the cult, realizing he has nothing back home. The boys fall out over the treasure and their ideals, while Lisa also joins the cult.

How does Deetch learn about the treasure?

Fast forward 2 weeks and both Ben and Martin move on post-treasure. Ben is going to take over Trout Plus, while Martin is preparing for his new life with Amy. John shows up in his “skin mask”, and he’s still part of the cult… and he wants to be saved.

He’s definitely not okay, and both Martin and Ben are overcome with worry and decide to try and save their friend.

Back at the cult, Deetch ends up overhearing John confessing to stealing the treasure for himself, something that’s broadcast to the whole camp.

How do the boys make it back to Trout Plus in time?

While they race back off to grab the treasure, Martin and Ben save John and then rush back to try and save Trout Plus. It’s under attack from the cult.

The trio use their wingsuits to fly over, while Dustin from Stranger Things (Gaten Matarazzo) is stabbed, just before the boys make it to the shop, smashing through the window and making a crash-landing.

Taylor also shows up and reunites with Lisa, saving her from one of the maniacal cult members.

How does Please Don’t Destroy end?

Martin dons his Lawrence persona and he absolutely cleans house. Deetch takes off with the treasure for himself and as a result, the cult and the Trout Plus guys join together to dispatch Deetch. And they do so via the hawk, which comes back to save the day. This was foreshadowed earlier in the movie with Ben using the crazy bird whistle, and it’s a nice way of rounding out this crazy plot point.

The treasure of Foggy mountain is theirs and the boys decide to reflect on what’s happened. They’ve all grown since their adventure and moved on to new experiences.

Ben decides he wants to open his Hair Salon for Boys, but have significantly less tie with his father as a result. He’s happy for Ben, who ends up opening a salon over in the UK.

Meanwhile, Martin is shocked to learn that Amy loves his Lawrence persona, while John and Lisa hook up together. It’s a happy ending all round!


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