Pit Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 13 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Mission: Take Tony Down!

The final episode of Pit Babe starts where we left off, with Charlie showing up to help Babe deal with Tony’s guards. Babe is shocked and overjoyed to see him and thinks he might be dreaming.

Charlie explains his reason for faking his death in that if he died, Tony would stop bothering Babe, and he would be happy, but Babe says that he was never happy every day that Charlie was not with him. Babe is still confused about why he got his senses back when Charlie is still alive, and he tells him about the serum he got that suppressed his power so that he can be with Babe without absorbing his senses.

Charlie suggests they get out first, and he will tell him the rest of the story, but Babe needs to find documents in Tony’s office. 

What happens to Tony?

Tony knew the boys would show up, and he had plans to capture all of them, run away, and make sure they made him enough money. Winner apprehends Charlie and Babe in Tony’s office, and Tony takes them to the auction. Meanwhile, Kenta had given Jeff and Alan a flash drive with evidence that could help expose Tony.

Inside are videos of Tony harassing the kids in the foundation and even one where he cuts off the head of another child. North and Sonic upload the videos online while Tony prepares to auction Babe. 

Jeff and Alan suddenly show up and tell the media the truth about the auction, but Tony is confident that they do not have any evidence to back up his claim that the Chen Foundation is a cover-up for human trafficking. Suddenly, we hear notifications from the phones in the room as the reporters receive the videos uploaded online by North and Sonic.

Seeing he has no way out, Tony orders his men to close all exits and not let anyone out. One of the clients in the auction tries to walk out, and he kills him. He gathers all the boys, tells them he will take them with him, and makes sure they make him money. However, the boys come ready for a confrontation and through an unspoken agreement, they turn things around, and a gunfight ensues.

Pete shoots Tony, but he still has the guts to threaten them even when they outnumber him since all his men are dead. He tries to use emotional blackmail to show Babe that he is nothing without him, but Babe is not one to be fooled twice. Unfortunately, Pete and Babe’s guns run out of ammunition, and Tony trails his gun at Charlie since he knows it is the only way he can deeply hurt Babe. 

Before he can shoot, Kenta stabs him from behind, then again in the abdomen when he turns around to fight him. Kenta is heartbroken as he pleads with Tony to stop hurting other people. Tony falls to his death with Kenta crying on his knees next to his unconscious body. 

How does Way die?

Way sacrificed himself for Babe by shielding him with his body from Tony’s bullets. In his last moments, he asks Babe to forgive him and says his love for him is true. He promises to be by his side forever and asks Babe to move on without him. Babe says he loves him and will always be his best friend. The boys bury him under a tree near a lake. 

What happens to Winner?

After apprehending Babe and Charlie for Tony, he finds North and Sonic and threatens them with a gun, but Kim shows up and saves them. The boys gang up on him while he tries to beg for his life, and they beat him black and blue, leaving him bleeding and unconscious on the floor. 

What happens to Charlie and Babe?

After burying Way, Charlie stays by Babe’s side and tries to make him happy. However, even though Tony is no longer, Babe feels that something is still pending, and Charlie convinces him to meet with his father. Babe meets his father at their old house, and they reminisce, and his father explains his reasons for leaving. However, Babe is still profoundly hurt because his father chose to abandon him and says he might not forgive him. However, he still accepts him back in his life so they can both work towards reconciliation. His father promises not to leave Babe ever again, and they share an emotional hug. 

The Championship at the Hallows begin, and both Charlie and Babe race for team X Hunter. As it is Babe’s routine, Charlie has to help him focus in the locker room before the race, and they walk out hand in hand with the crowd cheering. Charlie professes his love for Babe in front of everyone, and even though Babe is shy at first, he also professes his love, saying that he loves Charlie as he has never loved anyone like this before. The two passionately kiss as the audience cheers (oh my heart, cuteness overload.)

What happens to Alan and Jeff?

Alan is dejected after Way’s death, and Jeff apologises for not telling them that he had seen a vision of Way’s death since he constantly hoped that it would not happen. Alan comforts Jeff, asking him not to feel guilty since he did his best, and sometimes, that is all they can do. All they have to do is try their best to move on.

After burying Way, Alan hides in Jeff’s bedroom for days without going out. He leaves the garage to North and Sonic while he lazes away in bed, making love to Jeff. They finally leave the bed and start participating in the Hallows racing competitions, and Jeff graduates with first-class honours. 

What happens to Team X Hunter?

Team X Hunter is back in business with Kim as their new racer. They get ready to stay another championship at the Hallows with Kim, Charlie, and Babe as part of their racing team. North and Sonic are still part of the media team; Jeff and Alan work together to conduct final checks before the race, while Charlie and Babe are busy trying to focus. 

How does PitBabe end?

The final moments of the episode happen after Jeff’s graduation. Alan holds a picnic date, and Babe and Charlie join them. They congratulate Jeff for graduating with first honours, echoing their pride in his achievements. They share drinks and an overload of good feelings as they laugh, eat, and share sweet kisses until the end of the episode. 

The Episode Review

The final episode of Pit Babe successfully concludes all the plots and subplots but leaves so much to the imagination. For instance, did the police arrive at the auction after Tony’s death? Were his criminal activities exposed to the audience? Were all the kids he had sold to rescued?

In some way, the final episode felt rushed and underwhelming, although it ended on a good note, giving our primary and secondary couples a happy ending. However, it ignores the fate of most support characters crucial to the narrative throughout the episode.

For instance, what happens to Kenta, Winner, and Pete? After the gunfight and Tony’s death during the auction, Kenta is no longer seen, while Pete disappears after Way’s burial. The characters played a crucial role in the series, and they deserve a better conclusion to their story rather than getting ignored by the script and disappearing into nothingness.

Did Kenta and Pete rekindle their feelings for each other? Did Winner go to jail, or did he get back to racing? What happened to the Red Racing Team? How did Babe’s father start his experiments on drugs that can suppress the Alpha senses? In this regard, Pit Babe deserves a special episode to show us what happens to each character after they get rid of Tony.

Regardless, the actors did their best to deliver a climactic final episode that is engaging and full of raw emotions, pulling at our heartstrings to experience the extent of the sadness, feelings of loss, happiness, excitement, love, and intimacy. 

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