Pit Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Mysterious Enigma Tony Intends To Use Against Babe

Episode 9 of Pit Babe starts with Babe talking to Charlie about the dangers of the mission to go after Tony and tries to stop him getting involved since it is unsafe. Charlie has been trying to be by Babe’s side all his life, and now that he has a chance, he will not let him go and will never regret it.

Afterwards, they all meet at Alan’s house, where North and Sonic tell them where Kim is locked up and that many people are locked in that building. North thinks that Tony is running an international human trafficking organisation. They all agree to stay together at Alan’s house to keep each other safe.

While everyone else heads in, Babe remembers that Andy slipped something in his pocket, and when he sees the paper, he heads out again, but this time alone. 

While Alan and Charlie talk about Alan’s interest in Jeff, Babe visits the address Andy gave him, and it happens to be Mr Dong’s auction house for selling Alpha children. Babe runs into Pete, who is undercover, trying to get information to help convict Tony. Pete tells Babe that he is one of the orphans in the Chen Foundation and that he is an Enigma. He lived in the Chen house but escaped just like Babe did.

He does not tell Babe who he is because he has been hiding in the shadows, waiting and getting ready for the right time to come out. Pete asks Babe to leave the house since it is not appropriate for him to be there, and when the right time comes, Pete will tell him. On the way out, Babe runs into Way, and tells him that Pete is the Enigma that Tony is trying to hide. 

Meanwhile, Jeff escapes from the holding cell and calls Charlie to tell him Tony’s Enigma is Way. At the same time, Way talks to Babe at Mr Dong’s house when Charlie tells him that Way is Tony’s Enigma.

Suddenly, Way dominates Babe and takes him to his house, talking about having a family together and going back to live with daddy Tony. Way intends to force Babe to have sex with him and have a baby together as Tony wants. 

Luckily, Charlie arrives in time to save Babe, but Way soon charms him into sleeping. However, while Way tries to dominate Charlie, it allows Babe to break free from his charm and attack Way. Way says he is doing that because he loves Babe, and it is the only way he knows to get rid of Tony. If they do as he wants, Tony will leave them alone, and Babe will be free.

Way’s action and betrayal hurt Babe so much since he always thought of Way as his best friend, but all through, Way has been trying to force his opinions on Babe. Babe and Charlie leave, and Babe tells Way he never wants to see him again.

Tony is furious when Way tells him he failed his mission. Way asks for another chance, but Tony is unwilling to grant it until he mentions that Charlie might have Babe’s senses, which he noticed while they were fighting.

Tony sends Kenta to bring back Charlie at any cost. Meanwhile, Charlie still tries to console and reassure Babe, who seems to have lost the ability to trust anyone. Babe says he has been tricked by people all his life, including his biological father, Tony, and now Way, the person he trusted most. Charlie reassures Babe that he will never hurt him, and he promises his life that Babe can trust him. 

Alan worries about Jeff, so he visits his house to bring him breakfast. He scolds Jeff for not relying on the team, especially on Alan, and asks him to tell him the next time before acting alone. Alan learns that Kenta took Jeff’s phone and was reading the messages that Alan had sent Jeff the previous day.

On his way, Alan gives Jeff his phone to use in the meantime since he is still with Kenta. After Alan leaves, Jeff has another vision and tells Charlie about it. In his vision, he sees Tony kidnapping Charlie, and the following events lead to everyone’s death. No matter how often he tries to review it, it has the same ending, like they cannot escape it. 

Charlie has a riskier plan, and he intends to give up his life in exchange for Babe since Tony does not know that if Charlie dies, his senses will go back to Babe. By sacrificing his life, Tony will stop going after Babe’s senses, and even though he dies, Babe and everyone else will be safe.

Charlie asks Jeff to help him execute the plan. Jeff visits Tony and tells him he plans to bring Charlie back home. Meanwhile, the X Hunter team worries about losing race statistics and, consequently, the championship, but Dean comes to help. 

On race day, while everyone else is getting ready, Charlie hides in the locker, trying to calm down. He understands how overwhelming Babe would feel when his power a hundred percent heightens every sense.

Babe comes to help him concentrate since it is his turn to do for Charlie what he did for him before. The race starts, but Winner takes the lead, and Charlie comes second. 

The Episode Review

This episode has been the most emotional. Babe’s reaction after finding out the only person that he trusted his whole life betrayed him is heartbreaking. The agony as he cried repeatedly could seep through the screens, and we could feel every bit of pain he was going through. Will Charlie betray him again?

They came up with that secret plan, and Jeff went to Tony. What will Babe feel when he knows that the only person he now has in his life is planning to sacrifice his life to save him? He will most likely feel betrayed again. 

One thing that stands out about Pit Babe is the story’s realistic development, especially the racing plot. The script often wants to show the protagonist’s superiority against the antagonists, and Charlie would have won the race in this episode.

However, that would have been an unrealistic perspective given that Way is a better racer, almost at par with Babe, and Charlie is a newcomer in the Hallows. Therefore, Charlie coming second felt more realistic, and the audience resonated with that outcome. 

Most people might wonder how Way could easily take Babe to his house and could not fight against him. To provide a brief overview of the omegaverse fiction world, an Enigma can dominate an Alpha. An Alpha cannot resist an Enigma’s charm, so Babe could not fight back but only did as Way wanted. 

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