Pit Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 7 Recap & Review

Tony’s Adopted Sons And His Involvement In Human Trafficking

Episode 7 of Pit Babe starts with Babe and Alan having a meal at their favourite restaurant, with Babe complaining about Way throwing his necklace away. Babe wonders why Way thinks his relationship with Charlie is wrong and says that he is one of the reasons why Babe feels he does not deserve love. Way always said that being alone is the best.

Elsewhere, Charlie meets with Jeff, and he tells him about his visions. Jeff touched Babe and saw an X Hunter car crashing and a driver lying in a pool of blood. Jeff asks Charlie to halt his plans since it is only getting more dangerous, but Charlie insists on staying by Babe’s side. Meanwhile, Way gets drunk, and Pete has to take him home. 

Kim from Team Red Racing continues to investigate the accident, and Winner tries to stop him, saying the investigation might have a negative effect on Team Red Racing. Does he know who was behind the accident and Red Racing’s involvement? Winner tells Kim that he has been waiting for a long time to stomp on Babe and keep winning. He cares neither about the accident nor who is behind it. All he knows is that Babe is out of the Way, and it is his time to win. He warms Kim to stop the investigation, or else he will have him kicked out of the team. 

Kim finds evidence of Tony’s involvement when he sees CCTV footage of Kenta paying the guy who messed with Babe’s car. Tony does not deny it, and he tells Kenta that if he makes the same mistake again, he will have to punish him.

While Kim insists that he could beat Babe on his own merits, Tony reminds him that his skills are not half as good as Babe’s. Kim worries about Babe getting seriously hurt, but Tony tells him that he would never let Babe die since he is worth too much. Tony asks Kim to stop the investigation and then nullifies their contract. Kim will no longer race for Team Red Racing.

After Kim leaves, Tony asks Kenta about some people negotiating Babe’s price. Kenta says that the people are willing to pay as long as they can deliver on time. Tony tells Kenta to tell the buyer that he will definitely get Babe.

Kim meets with Babe after leaving Tony’s office. He tells him about his findings that Tony raises children like Babe and sells them. In the list Kim finds on Tony’s computer, Babe is the highest-priced person. Kim has more news to share. He had intentionally brought Babe to the same hotel where Tony was having a meeting with Charlie and Kenta.

Another man arrives, a potential buyer, and introduces Charlie as one of his adopted sons. He asks Charlie about Jeff, but Charlie lies, saying he has not met him yet. Tony tells the buyer that they are looking for a person who is able to see the future in time for the auction. Charlie leaves the meeting, and Babe follows. 

Babe confronts Charlie about being Tony’s adopted son and lying to him. He does not allow Charlie to explain and head to Way’s for comfort. Tony overhears the confrontation between Charlie and Babe. Babe confides in Way about Charlie and apologises for not believing him. Charlie has been lying to everyone, and Babe feels like a fool to have brought him in, loved him, and given him everything. Babe spends the night at Way’s, and the following day, they make plans to have dinner at their usual favourite restaurant.

Charlie forces Babe to listen to him as he tells his story about his connection to Tony. Charlie is Tony’s adopted son but has no special abilities like other Alphas. He was, therefore, raised in confinement like a prison cell until he was sent away from the Chen family since he had no value. Charlie manages to sneak out of his room one day and overhears Tony talking on the phone about selling the other children. Tony looked for Babe so he could help him escape Tony.

However, unbeknownst to Babe is that a child that he has with an Enigma is more valuable than Babe. Therefore, Tony plans to force Babe to mate with one and sell the baby. Charlie assures Babe that he is not an Enigma but a normal Alpha, and although he had approached him to help with Tony, Charlie has fallen in love with Babe.

Elsewhere, Tony punishes Kenta for not informing him about Charlie and Babe. He asks Kenta not to interfere but to wait and see what plans Charlie has in mind. 

After learning about Tony’s plan, Charlie looked for Babe until he found him at the Hallows. He wanted Babe to notice him so they could get close and he could warn him about Tony’s plans. However, when he learnt about Babe and his strengths, talents, and weaknesses, Charlie wanted to be beside him to protect him from Tony and Enigma. He became selfish and did not tell Babe about Tony since he was afraid Babe would hate him like he does now.

Charlie has one more lie to confess to Babe. His special ability is absorption. The simple explanation is that he can take other people’s power through touch, which is why Babe lost his senses. 

Babe thinks back to the numerous times he and Charlie touched. Charlie says he can give him back his powers through death. If he dies, the powers he took will automatically go back to their owner, and Charlie is willing to die for Babe. Babe reconciles with Charlie, but Charlie has to pay for his karma by taking care of Babe for his entire lifetime. Way arrives at “Auntie’s Restaurant” with flowers ready while Babe and Charlie go for relaxing rides at night, and Charlie helps Babe relieve stress. 

The next morning, Babe tells Alan about Charlie and Jeff being Tony’s adopted sons and Tony being a human trafficker. The children in the foundation are all orphans, but some do not go into the foundation willingly. Alan suggests that Tony’s adopted children need to do something about him, but Babe thinks they will be at a loss since Tony has so much money to stop all their attempts. Babe worries about Kim, and he is right, too, since Tony gets him beaten up.

At the end of the episode, Kim confronts Tony about his dirty deals and selling people, and with a knife at Kim’s throat, Tony tells him that he does not only sell people alive but also the dead. 

The Episode Review

This episode is a welcome relief since it removed the anxious lump about Charlie and his plans in our throats. The good thing is that it did not destroy his relationship with Babe, and we got more information about Tony’s mysterious business. Is the Enigma that Tony plans to use to have Babe’s baby, Pete? Is Pete another one of Tony’s adopted children?

With so many episodes still to go, the anxiety grows about what will happen to Babe and how far Tony is willing to go. Fortunately, everyone on Babe’s side is aware of Tony’s shady deals. Alan will most likely get involved since Tony is looking to auction Jeff. Does Pete like Way? Will Kenta keep mindlessly following Tony’s orders, and what will happen to Kim?

Since Babe and Charlie have cleared the secrets and the misunderstandings, it is time that the next episodes delve into Tony’s drama and illegal businesses. 

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