Pit Babe – (Thai BL) Episode 5 Recap & Review

Hallow’s Championship Competitions 

Episode 5 of Pit Babe starts where we left off after Babe crashing. Charlie rushes into the field, past the officials trying to stop him, and gets Babe out of the burning car. The emergency medical team arrives and takes Babe to the hospital while the team tries to hold Charlie back. Babe is rushed to the hospital, and luckily, he does not sustain major injuries, but his leg is broken.

When Alan, Way and Charlie arrive at the hospital, Babe starts arguing about plans for the next race. Charlie is concerned about Babe and tries to feed him, but he knocks the food off Charlie’s hands. Charlie is unbothered about the ill-treatment and cleans up the food spilt on the floor. After Alan and Way leave, Babe confronts Charlie about rushing to the field after the accident and putting himself in danger.

Charlie asks if Babe is worried about him. However, Babe does not want Charlie to repeat the same since it looks stupid. He also tells him to leave since Babe’s injury is none of his business now that their agreement is over. Despite Babe’s protests, Charlie stays to look after him at the hospital, which Babe secretly enjoys.

Way thinks that the crash was not an accident. At Red Racing Team, Kim confronts Winner about the accident, but he swears he has nothing to do with it. Elsewhere at team X Hunter, Way suspects Jeff of tampering with Babe’s car since he was the last person to inspect it before the race. Jeff tells Way that everyone in the team had access to Babe’s car; hence, everyone, including Way, is a suspect.

Way insists that Jeff was the last person to join the team and is the most suspicious, but Jeff thinks that Way is biased. Alan stops Way from attacking Jeff and supports Jeff’s claim that everyone in the team had access to the car.

North and Sonic agree that they cannot accuse Jeff without evidence. Dean comes with a clip showing Jeff at the garage in the past hours, to which Jeff says he had come up with an idea to tune the car and could not wait until morning to test it. Everyone on the team believes Dean, and Alan asks Jeff to pack his things and leave the garage. Jeff believes he is innocent, but Way confronts him about being a spy for Red Racing. 

Charlie arrives in time with undeniable proof that Jeff is not a spy for Red Racing. First, he is his younger brother since they were raised and grew up together. Alan asks why they kept their relationship a secret, and Jeff says that if they knew he was Charlie’s brother, they would look down on his skills and think he used connections to intern at X Hunter. Second, Charlie has CCTV footage showing someone else going to the car the night before the race. 

Even with evidence showing otherwise, Jeff chooses to leave. Alan chases after him and pleads with Jeff to give the team a chance to apologize. Alan also blames Jeff for the team, thinking he is responsible for the accident. He never talks to the team and keeps to himself, making the others think he is acting suspiciously. Jeff does not calm down and tells Alan he will come and clear out of the garage the next day. 

Babe asks Way for an update about the garage when he visits the hospital. Babe is shocked and pleased to learn that Charlie is Jeff’s older brother. Babe smiles, telling Way understanding that the things that made him upset between Jeff and Charlie were because they are brothers. Way asks Babe not to understand Charlie because if he lies about something as simple as Jeff being his brother, he must lie about other things. Babe tells Way he will listen to him at the hospital but goes ahead to make up with Charlie back at his house. 

Babe visits the garage and is frustrated to see how the Red Racing team has disrespected other racers since his accident. Team X Hunter now has to depend on Way to win the championship. Babe finds Kim waiting to check on him when he leaves the garage. He tells Kim that Tony might be responsible for his accident, and Kim goes to get the CCTV footage of the incident.

The security officer tells Kim that the person captured successfully avoided all the CCTV cameras at the garage as if he was familiar with the place. Alan learns from another mechanic that Jeff cleared his locker and left the garage. He tries calling him, but Jeff ignores the call and blacklists Alan.

Next, Alan meets with Pete to update him on the incident and shows him the CCTV footage. Alan asks Pete for assistance dealing with Tony to give them a chance to devise a new plan to win the championship. Pete promises to keep Tony busy and trusts Alan and Way to handle the issue regarding the accident.

Kenta reports to Tony that they have lost a particular deal since Beyond Group beat them in lobbying. Tony furiously splashes Kenta with the drink in his hand. The person they were dealing with is asking for three times the payment from the previous deal.

Tony instructs Kenta to freeze the investment into the Red Racing Team and give the person the money. Kenta worries about affecting the championship, but Tony does not care about racing since the investment does not make him as much money as duty-free. 

Pete’s man gives him a report about the person who caused Babe’s accident. He tells him that the police say the person responsible disappeared without a trace, confirming Tony’s involvement. The man asks if Pete has a personal grudge against Tony, and he says that there is no choice but to come back and clear a past that cannot be forgotten.

Babe loses his superior senses and stresses out about becoming an ordinary person and not understanding what is happening to his body. He asks Alan not to tell Way about it and wonders if he would be any good if he became ordinary. Charlie comforts him, saying that even if he becomes ordinary, he will still be special to him.

In addition, Charlie suggests racing in Babe’s place during the championships. Babe agreed to train Charlie ten times harder. Babe takes Charlie to his and Way’s favourite restaurant and tells him how he joined Alan’s team at 18 years old and started training hard every day to become the champion. 

During a strategy meeting with Alan, the team deliberates on handling the racing at the Hallows since they have one racer on the team. They need to add an assistant driver to help block and give Way a higher chance of winning the championships. Dean offers to race, but soon after, Babe suggests that Charlie races in his place. Babe holds that he wants the person who races in his place to be as good as him. 

Alan accepts Babe’s suggestion, which frustrates Dean. However, Alan tells Babe he cannot let Charlie join the team easily. Alan suggests a racing competition between Dean and Charlie to determine who will replace Babe. Charlie is so nervous on the competition day that his hands shake. Babe reassures him not to worry and drive as he did with him.

Dean and Charlie think they will be competing against each other, but Alan throws in a surprise at the end of the episode. The person they will race against is Babe. To replace Babe, they have to beat him first.

The Episode Review

First, why did no one think to check the CCTV footage like Charlie did before they all stood around accusing Jeff of the crime? Second, what was Dean doing at the garage at night when he took the video clip of Jeff? Did no one think to ask him that?

Dean’s face after Charlie shows them the clip makes me wonder if he had something to do with modifying Babe’s car before the race. Did anyone else pause and zoom the frame to try to solve the case before they did?

What is the past grudge between Tony and Pete? One good thing about this episode is that amid all the suspense it introduces, it solves the misunderstandings between Charlie and Babe. The viewer’s favourite couple is back on good terms and soothing their frustrated hearts from all the mysteries by serving swoon-worthy smooching, teasing, and flirting. 

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