Pit Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 3 Recap & Review

 Jealousness & Losses

Episode 3 of Pit Babe starts with Kenta trying to negotiate the sale of Babe to the Red Racing team. He promises as much money as Tony wants in exchange for the right to own and control Babe at Red Racing. Alan turns down the offer since Babe is neither his stuff nor his property, and he cannot hand him over to anyone else if he is unwilling. Kenta thinks that since Babe knew Tony before Alan, he might not be as reluctant to move as Alan thinks. Therefore, Alan should not act too confidently. 

Later, Alan tells Babe about Tony making an offer to buy him, and he becomes so mad that he immediately drives to find Kenta. He confronts him with a message for Tony: no matter how much money he offers, Babe will never return. He is not as tame as Kenta, who wags his tail and follows every one of “daddy’s” commands. Meanwhile, when Jeff approaches, Alan is busy rummaging through a car’s engine. He tells Alan to find something else to do when stressed but not mess up with his work. 

Alan thinks he needs to find a big investor to help him relieve some of the stress from the racers. Jeff thinks finding an investor is not the right call since Alan will no longer have the freedom. He will have to follow the investor’s wishes and be patient with showing off or advertising, including events unrelated to racing. Alan doubts that he has done enough for the racers, but Jeff reminds him that no racer would still be willing to stick around if he were not good enough.

Alan appreciates Jeff’s comforting words and forces him to go for snacks with him. Babe and Way go to a club, and Babe gets super drunk. Way offers to drive him home, but Babe turns him down since Charlie will be staying with him. The colour drains off Way’s face at Babe’s preference to stay with Charlie and not him.

Later, when Babe arrives home, Charlie waits by the door since he keeps changing the door code and does not inform him. Charlie says he did not dare call him since he knew Babe was stressed and did not want to annoy him further. Charlie whines about Babe not letting him help out with anything. He is Babe’s boy, but Babe keeps him at arm’s length. Charlie wants to understand Babe, but Babe does not let him.

Babe opens up about himself and tells Charlie that people’s image of him as handsome, skilled, and extremely rich is just a façade. He tells his story as a young boy living with his birth father. He was just a boy named Babe whose father became a victim of fraud, and they lost their house to pay off debts. They became homeless, but Babe was still happy to be with his father until one day, his father was gone, and he met Tony Chen. His father had given him up to Tony, and he found many children at his house but never met any of them.

They were raised separately, and all he could hear were voices, which is when he started to hear his special senses. Tony and his men started to rain him to become better at using his senses, but when he grew up, he realized that Tony had swindled his father into bankruptcy. The person who took his family from him was the same person who gave him his life. After that, Babe resolved to escape from Tony Chen. 

However, Babe is okay now; he must remind himself not to think about the past. Therefore, he decided never to trust or love anyone and that anyone who approached him would never be nice to him without expecting a benefit.

He asks Charlie if his outlook on life is true, and Charlie responds by saying that he is a person who wants some benefits from him. Babe says he is not one of those people since he also benefits from Charlie. Babe reminds him to treat their moment together as killing time until they get bored with each other. Charlie says he will never get bored of Babe. He will be with him, be nice to him, and take care of him until he gets bored of Charlie and chases him away. Babe asks Charlie to keep trying to make him soft-hearted if he wants to stay for a long time. Babe surprises Charlie by kissing him on the lips.

Jeff is busy at the garage tuning a car when Alan approaches him and tries to make small talk. Dean asks Alan about the rookie racing championship, but Alan says he will not be sending the racers to all of the racing competitions since he has to carefully consider the finances and ensure that the team does not lose the championship and Babe’s record. However, he promises to send Dean to the field once the issue is resolved. 

Jeff listens to the conversation and figures that Alan has not solved the finance issue. He tells Alan that finding a solution to the money problem is easy. All he has to do is find someone competing with his competitor and with as much money because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Alan gets an idea and kisses Jeff on the head as a thank you, making Jeff lose his orientation for a minute and knock over tools, trying to walk away from Alan as fast as possible. 

Next, Alan goes to BEYOND company and waits to talk to Mr. Pete. His assistant tries to send Alan away, but Pete gives him 5 minutes. Alan asks Pete to invest an equal amount of money into Team X Hunter as the amount UAC CORP invested into Red Racing. Tony is Pete’s biggest competitor, which will be an opportunity for BEYOND to expand its market. Alan manages to convince Pete, and the next big news Tony watches is about BEYOND Group investing in team X Hunter. 

Elsewhere, Winner mentions that he might not need a new car after all if Babe cannot race, and Kim thinks he might do something bad to Babe before the next race event. He tells Tony this information, but Tony seems unconcerned about Babe saying he is their competitor. However, Kim insists he doesn’t want to be criticized if they win the next race. Meanwhile, Babe enjoys some intimate times with Charlie that night. Sonic and North bring some new evidence to Way about Charlie. 

The next morning, everyone is at the Hallows watching Babe’s car race across the track when Way arrives and wonders why Babe is driving so slowly. Alan and Dean smile since they know why it is slow. After they stop, Charlie commends Babe and asks him to teach some cornering techniques next time. He then asks if being inside the car makes it heavier, but Way cuts in, saying it makes the car so heavy that they cannot measure its speed. Babe adds that Charlie will be allowed to the field with them, and his position is “Babe’s Apprentice.”

Way asks to talk to Babe privately, showing him a video of Charlie leaving a luxurious car. Babe thinks nothing about it and says it is probably a customer’s car, but Way has more video evidence. Next, he shows Babe a photo of Charlie getting into an elevator with Jeff, and they are holding each other, which looks intimate.

Way reminds Babe that he had warned him to be wary of Charlie. He approached Babe around the same time UAC CORP took over the Red Racing team, and he thinks Charlie might be a spy for Red Racing and is looking to steal information about X Hunter. Way also reminds him that Charlie is just his sex buddy and that he should not treat him as anything other than that. 

After the video, Babe starts becoming cold and distant towards Charlie. He asks him about the luxurious car, and Charlie says it was just a customer who decided to give him a lift. Later that night, Babe wakes up to find Charlie is no longer by his side. His first instinct is to call Charlie, but he remembers Way’s warning about treating Charlie as nothing more than a sex buddy. 

The next morning, he asks if Charlie wants to go anywhere since it is a holiday, but Charlie says he has a meeting. When he leaves after breakfast, Babe follows him and sees him meeting with Jeff again. Babe goes on a drinking spree with Way and has an arm candy by his side. When Way asks about Charlie, he says to forget about it and ignores Charlie’s calls. 

Charlie frantically tries to text and call him, but his texts and calls go unanswered. Babe arrives at his house later extremely drunk and does not give Charlie a chance to take care of him. The next day before the race, he also turns down Charlie’s offer to help him with concentration, leading to the Red Racing team winning the qualifying round and Babe’s fourth. At the end of the episode, Winner comes to pick a fight with Babe. 

The Episode Review

Is anyone else as annoyed with Way as I am? He is cautious and worries about Babe and the understandable team, but given that his care and concern are full of malicious intent of pushing Charlie away from Babe, it becomes so frustrating. Also, why does Charlie have to lie to Babe when he meets up with Jeff?

Yes, they are hatching an unknown plan in the shadows, but the fact that they are close is not something they need to hide. Babe’s anger stems from the fact that he thinks Charlie is two-timing with Jeff, which is petty at most but leads to devastating consequences. We are still wondering what Charlie’s plans are for good or evil. That continues to be a mystery, but for now, the next episode needs to solve the jealous conflict as soon as possible so we can get back to swooning over sweet kisses and cuddles. 

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