Pit Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Red Racing Team starts making a Move against Team X Hunter

Episode 2 of Pit Babe starts with Tony Chen of UAC CORP addressing the press about the company’s investment in the Red Racing Team. The journalist mentions something about UAC CORP using the investment as a chance to launder money, but Tony insists that he is interested in pushing the Thailand race industry and making a new champion.

Meanwhile, Way informs Alan and Babe that Tony’s entry has caused serious changes, putting X Hunter and Red Racing at equal offs in the underground gambling den. Way reveals the connection between Tony and Babe. Tony is Babe’s adoptive father, and his entry into the market is primarily to come at Babe. In retrospect, Babe remembers the fallout between him and Tony.

Alan asks Babe if he ever contacted Tony after leaving, but he says he has no reason to do so. After all, he was just one of his many adopted sons, and if he had entered the racing industry for Babe, he would have shown him that he could never control him. Way asks Babe to come to him if he has any problems.

Just then, one of the mechanics reported to Alan that some of their mechanics and maintenance crew had resigned and joined Team Red Racing. Alan worries that if they cannot replace them soon, they will have bigger problems. 

The next morning, Babe asks Charlie to accompany him to the garage, but he turns the invite down, saying he has a meeting with a client. Charlie meets with an unknown person, talks about some people making a move, and says they need to act first.

Elsewhere, Kenta reports to Tony about UAC CORP stocks rising by 15 percent since the announcement of investing in Red Racing. Per Tony’s orders, Kenta has sold the stocks and saved the money for Chen Foundation. He also discusses the prospects of bringing foreign racers into team Red Racing, and Tony shows interest in one of the racers on the list, Minsu Kim.

Charlie arrives home later than expected, and Babe seems bothered. He asks about Charlie’s meeting and wonders if he had to edit 100 drafts for the client to pick one. Charlie tells him that he was stuck in traffic on the way back, and Babe suggests cancelling their agreement since Charlie has started to show his true colours. 

At the X Hunter garage, the team starts to worry about the next race since Red Racing has poached all their technicians, and there is no one to help tune the engines. Alan tells them that he has posted a job advertisement online and they have to wait, but Way notices that Red Racing has put insulting comments under the post, and no one is likely to apply. The technicians who left got triple their payment, so they are unlikely to return to X Hunter.  

While Alan ponders on his new predicament, someone enters the garage looking to apply for the technician position. After going through his CV, Alan notes that he is 20 years old and in school studying mechanical engineering. Alan intends to turn him down since they are looking for experienced mechanics, but the applicant offers to work free as an attaché.

North and Sonic think Alan should give him a chance, but Way is against letting an amateur tune their racing cars. The applicant offers a compromise and asks Alan to let him tune one of the engines, and if he is satisfied with his work, he should accept his application. The boy, Jeff, successfully tunes the car, much to the satisfaction of all the members. They note that he is even better than the technicians who quit joining Red Racing. 

Jeff is the mysterious man Charlie met, and Charlie is surprised to see him at the garage when he arrives with Babe. Alan shows Jeff around the garage and notices that Jeff is quiet. Jeff says he likes to stay alone so he can concentrate. After the tour, the X Hunter team members gathered for a meeting, and Charlie and Jeff talked away from the rest. Babe’s reaction to Charlie talking to Jeff shows he is jealous but refuses to admit it when the members point it out. 

Charlie asks Jeff why he never told him about his plan to work at the garage. Jeff says he knew that Charlie would stop him and that being at the garage was the best way for them to implement Charlie’s plan. Charlie agrees that there is no other way, but Jeff insists that there is no other way. Afterwards, Babe angrily confronts Charlie, getting cosy with Jeff. He still denies being jealous and says he only hates being two-timed. Charlie tells him that Jeff talks to him because he feels more comfortable around Charlie since they are the same age.

Next, Babe takes Charlie to the gym since racers must be physically fit and strong enough to control the car. Coincidentally, they run into Winner at the garage, and as usual, he always has a bone to pick with Babe. This time, Winner brags about the new racer in the Red Racing team, Kim.

Like clockwork, the next words out of Winner’s mouth are about a match between X Hunter and the Red Racing team. This time, he wants Babe to have a match with Kim, and if he loses, he will pay Babe double, but if Kim wins, Winner will take Babe’s car. Charlie offers to fight in place of Babe since he remembers Babe saying he wants to protect his body. Charlie wins the fight at the gym, but when Winner confronts Kim later, he says he let Charlie win since he only wanted to observe him. 

Babe takes Charlie to Way’s showroom to check out his cars and choose one for the audition. Charlie chooses a car, but Way asks him to choose another one since that’s Babe’s favourite car, and he never lets anyone besides himself and Way drive it. It is the first car that Babe drives to the finish line, giving him his alias, “King of the Hallow.”

Way is in disbelief when Babe lets Charlie take the car, and he is even more angry when Babe starts to train Charlie himself in the Hallows. Dean adds salt to the injury when he complements Charlie’s driving skills and suggests that Babe might like Charlie. 

Way and Babe meet up at their favourite club. Way complains that Babe no longer spends time with him but with his boy. He mentions something about what he would do if he someday started liking Babe, but Babe easily responds that if they fell in love, the feelings would have sparked a long time ago. He also adds that he is not into love. 

Way shows Babe gossip news online about him and Charlie, but he brushes them off. Way warns him to be careful since negative news about him will affect the team. Soon after, Sonic and North join them at the bar, and when Babe excuses himself to go to the restroom, Way asks North and Sonic to keep an eye on Charlie. They think that Way is joking, but his change in attitude makes them see that he is serious, and they agree to investigate Charlie. 

Way bans Charlie from the garage the next time Babe brings him over, saying only authorized team members are allowed in as a safety precaution. Charlie agrees to wait outside, and Way follows him. He confronts Charlie about the ulterior motives he thinks he is planning and warns him not to let him find out. Meanwhile, Kenta visits Alan with an offer to buy Babe and offers a hefty sum. 

The Episode Review

Aside from the omega verse jargon some viewers might have struggled to grasp in the first episode, this one delves more into the real plot of the series. Therefore, the connection between Tony and Babe is that he is Tony’s adopted son who happened to escape his father’s grasp.

Does Tony want to frustrate Babe until he has no choice but to re-join the family, or is he just out to end him? What is the conflict that led to their falling out? Way is starting to act like an annoying, jilted lover. Will he manage to drive Charlie away from Babe?

In addition, what is Charlie’s plan? Is his plan an evil one like Way seems to suggest? He talked to Jeff about some people making a move. How the move connected to X Hunter, and why Jeff decided to join the team as a mechanic. More questions need answers, and the series is becoming even more interesting. The viewer’s primary concern is figuring out Charlie’s plan since it is a puzzle that makes them anxiously wait for the next episode. 

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