Pit Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 11 Recap & Review

Charlie Fakes his Death to Protect Babe and Team X Hunter from Tony

Episode 11 of Pit Babe starts with Babe, Alan, and Jeff trying to figure out how to get to Tony. Even though they caught the spy in the X Hunter team, they still do not have enough evidence to tie Dean to Tony.

Meanwhile, Pete keeps Way company at the club, trying to make him stop drinking since getting drunk will not make the situation better. Way is unsure if his decisions were right, and he wonders how Pete got away from Tony. Pete tells him that, like him, he was happy to be adopted by Tony and have a family after his parents abandoned him. However, he realised what Tony was doing was wrong, so he left and made himself strong enough to go against Tony, end the vicious cycle, and ensure no child becomes his victim. He tells Way that he still has a chance to choose whatever he wants to do. 

The following morning, Babe wakes up determined to send Tony to hell. He figures that Tony’s men might be involved in the accident since Dean said he only cut the brake fluid while the gas lines in Charlie’s car were also cut. Jeff continues to play the fool and lets Alan and Babe keep thinking that Tony’s men were involved. Alan and Jeff decide to help Babe find evidence to prove Tony’s identity. 

When Jeff visits Charlie, we get a flashback about the plan and how it all went down. Charlie devised a plan to get Tony off their backs because of Babe’s special powers and had Jeff help him. The plan was to cut the brake fluid of his car during the race, intentionally crash, and fake his death. Jeff visits Tony and sells him the plan, making it seem like he will be the one to gain, and he sends Kenta to talk Dean into cutting the brake fluid. However, after Dean cuts the brake lines, Jeff cuts the gas lines, making Babe think Tony is involved. Charlie brings Uncle Reval into the plan, and he talks to his friend, who is the doctor at the hospital Charlie was rushed to after the accident. 

The doctor uses an experimental drug that Uncle Reval gives him to slow down Charlie’s pulse until it is so low that he looks like he is dead. Uncle Reval begs Pop for help, and it seems they know about Tony when he says that he gave up someone close to him, thinking that his senses would help make the world better, but he ends up putting them in greater danger. After Dr. Pop slows down Charlie’s pulse, Uncle Reval picks him up in an ambulance and, along the way, injects a drug to increase the heart rate, and Charlie wakes up. Charlie is recuperating under Uncle Reval’s care, and Jeff comes to check on him and update him on what is happening with the team. 

When Charlie asks how Jeff knew Uncle Reval, we learn that Reval and Tony hold deep grudges against each other. Jeff says that when he first ran away from Tony’s house, that is when he ran into Reval. He started helping him with Tony and advised him not to show him the development of his powers so he could stay safe. Reval is a scientist, and he is developing drugs that can suppress the Alpha senses.

Charlie is not his lab rat since he wants to eliminate his power to absorb other Alpha senses. Jeff wonders if it will work but says he is eager to give the medicine a trial, too, so he can live a normal life without fear of seeing other people’s future. 

When Jeff arrives home, Alan is waiting and wants an answer to whether or not Jeff agrees to be Alan’s boy. Jeff says he is still thinking about it and might not be a good match for Alan. He wants Alan to think long and hard and see if he wants to become his boyfriend. However, Alan is certain about his feelings, and other people, including North and Sonic, can see that Jeff has feelings for Alan, but he does not want to accept them. Alan will not give up, though, and he keeps asking Jeff for a chance to talk. 

Alan finds Jeff at a skate park and asks him not to run away. Even though Jeff is afraid that he will see Alan’s future and all the secrets he might want to keep hidden, Alan tells him that he is ready to give him his future. Eventually, Alan convinces Jeff to get out of his head, throw caution to the wind, and provide a chance. They cement the start of their relationship with some frisky moment that ends with aftercare in Alan’s humongous bathtub.

Meanwhile, Babe visits Pete at his company, but since it is not safe to speak in the company, Pete gives him a secret location where they can meet up later. At the same time, one of Kenta’s men has been following Babe, and he reports about the meeting between the two. Kenta tells the man to leave Pete to him and not do anything to the X-Hunter team since they are harmless after Charlie’s death.

In a quick flashback, we learn that Kenta and Pete were close brothers under Tony’s care. However, when Pete found out about the human trafficking, he chose to leave the house, but Kenta stayed because he is not an Alpha, and he felt that Tony gave him his life. He says he can betray anyone in this world, but he can never betray Tony. 

During the meeting between Pete and Babe, Pete informs Babe that he has evidence relating to a list of names of the Alpha kids that Tony sold to rich families in many countries. However, the names are insufficient to convict Tony since there is no evidence of money exchanges or anything in return for the adoptions. They need proof that Tony received money from these families to sue him legally, and Way is the only person who can help them. Babe is not enthusiastic about the idea of working with Way.

At the end of the episode, Pete returns to his house, and Kenta jumps him with a knife. He warns him not to interfere in Tony’s business, and as they fight, we get flashbacks of the relationship between Pete and Kenta. Kenta seems to have more than brotherly love for Pete as we see him kiss Pete in the past. 

The Episode Review

Although the story development regarding Tony’s human trafficking of the Alpha children seems to have lagged in this episode, the script takes the opportunity to develop Jeff and Alan’s relationship. Consequently, it dives into the past, hinting at a romantic relationship between Pete and Kenta. Charlie is alive, although it does not come as a surprise, but the episode gives us a rundown of Charlie’s plan and who was involved in faking his death.

Who are Reval and Dr Pop? How do they know Tony? Will the test drug successfully suppress Charlie’s powers? What will happen when Charlie comes back from hiding? Will Babe give Way another chance? 

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