Pit Babe (Thai BL) – Episode 10 Recap & Review

Is Charlie Dead?

Episode 10 of Pit Babe starts with Babe arriving at Alan’s house and asking him to let him race. Babe is afraid of losing the championship title and is sure the only way to keep the title with X Hunter is if he joins the race. Alan is against it but has no choice since Babe is adamant.

When Charlie learns that Babe wants to race while he is still in recovery, he tries to stop him, which makes Babe say that he is disappointed in him. Regardless of Charlie’s protests, no team member can stop Babe, so Babe joins the race. Before the race starts, Jeff and Charlie silently discuss the plan, and Charlie says he will still go ahead since this will be their only chance. Jeff asks him to go ahead with the plan and hugs Charlie. 

The race starts, and even though Babe starts last, he quickly catches up and happens to pass him. Charlie and Babe slightly send glances to each other before Babe speeds past him and then past Winner in the last curve. Charlie is still behind Winner and waits for Babe to cross the finish line before he lets his car skid while taking the last curve, loses control, and falls off the track.

Alan tells Babe about the accident on coms, and he is the first to get to the scene and holds Charlie’s seemingly lifeless body as he calls out for help. Meanwhile, Jeff calls Tony, telling him that his part of the deal is handled, and now it is Tony’s turn to fulfil his end of the bargain. 

The X-Hunter team rushes Charlie to the hospital, and Tony sends Kenta to get him. Kenta asks about Jeff’s request, and Tony tells him to do as they agreed since he cannot go back on his words. At the hospital, Babe suddenly starts getting his senses back, and he remembers Charlie telling him that the senses he takes go back to their owner if he dies. The doctor comes out and tells Babe that they couldn’t save Charlie. Babe is beyond heartbroken as he tries to wake up Charlie and asks his friends to call the doctor. Suddenly, Babe faints. 

Kenta, who is lurking in the hospital halls, goes back to tell Tony the news about Charlie’s death. Tony is furious since losing Charlie means losing a lot of money during the upcoming auction. He asks Kenta to go out and collect as many children with special abilities as possible to make sure he gets an Alpha with a similar unique sense as Babe, and if he does not find one, he does not have to go back to the house. 

Babe wakes up in his house with North, Sonic, and Alan watching over him. He wants to go to Charlie, but Alan tells him that Jeff cares for everything. Babe is overwhelmed since everything is too loud, and Alan thinks he has a headache. Babe tells them his senses are back since Charlie is gone, but he would rather have Charlie back than have his special senses back. 

After Charlie’s burial, Alan asks Jeff to stay at his house and asks to let him take care of him. Jeff asks Alan to let Kim come to his house, and he says that he heard that Tony had released Kim, so he went to pick him up. However, it is unsafe for him to stay at Jeff’s condo if Tony’s men come looking for him. Alan lets Kim stay at his house, and Kim promises to help them get rid of Tony regardless of what he has to do. Later, Jeff subtly asks to become Alan’s boy, saying he has been waiting for Alan to flirt with him, but he probably has no idea how to do that since he is an old uncle. 

The next few days after Charlie’s burial, Babe is practically a zombie. He neither eats nor hangs out with his friends, and Alan finds him reaching the clip of Charlie’s car falling off the track, repeatedly trying to figure out what happened. How did Charlie die? Babe suspects Tony is involved but has no idea how it happened since they were cautious. He vows that he will not stop until he drags Tony to hell. Suddenly, Babe goes feral, finds Way at the club, and starts a fight, demanding that he tells him what he did to Charlie. Way insists he did nothing to Charlie, and Babe calls him out for betraying them. 

Next, Babe, Jeff, and Alan discuss the possibility that the accident is because someone among their team messed with Charli’s car, and they decide to investigate on the down low without informing the rest of the team. If there is a mole in their team, it will not stop with Charlie’s death.

Dean runs to Alan to ask about his plans for the next race and gets angry when Alan says he has not thought about it because of Charlie. Alan plans not to compete in the race anymore this season and to prepare for the next season. Dean angrily asks if they all must stop everything and mourn Charlie’s death, which stops Babe in his tracks.

Later that night, Babe overhears Dean talking with someone about joining the Red Racing team since he did as he was asked to. Babe confronts him and says he will call the police and ensure that Dean rots in jail. Dean attacks Babe with a hammer, blaming the team for not appreciating him. He is angry that the team overlooked his efforts and preferred Charlie.

The team learns that Dean is the mole and that he had punctured Charlie’s brake fluid, leading to the accident. Alan, North, and Sonic come out before Dean can hit Babe with a hammer and kill him. At the end of the episode, the team apprehends Dean and calls the police.

The Episode Review

The series continues to gain momentum without giving us a chance to catch our breath. Even though we know at the back of our minds that Charlie is not dead since he had a plan cooking up that only Jeff knows about, Babe ensures that we feel his pain. Pavel delivers the sad scenes perfectly and pulls us into his grief, so we could not help but bawl our eyes out.

However, it is unsurprising that Dean had something to do with the accident since his sudden return to the team was suspicious. Regardless, it is still heartbreaking to see the X Hunter team cry over his betrayal, given that they considered him family.

Charlie is probably not dead, but where is he? How did Babe get his powers back if he is still alive? What do you think will happen in the next episode? Let us know in the comments below. 

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