The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure Ending Explained – Does Hae-Rang get the gold?

The Last Royal Treasure Plot Synopsis

The story follows the exploits of Captain Hae-Rang and her crew as they head off in search of lucrative treasure. However, along the way they run into a group of fishermen and cross paths with the charismatic Mu-Chi, who boasts that he’s the best sword fighter in Goryeo.

After some double-crossing, disagreements and disaster, the two sides join forces in order to find royal gold which can set them up for life.

It’s a pretty simple fetch quest in truth, although along the way the group come across a rival group of pirates who have the same idea, leading to a chase as they both scramble to take off with the gold.

Does Mu-Chi defeat the General?

As the film reaches its exciting climax, the rival group catch up with Mu-Chi and Hae-Rang. Mu-Chi duels it out with the General, whom he has history with. They both worked together in the past but now they’re enemies.

The General injures Mu-Chi but he continues to fight, eventually joined by his crew members who help tip the scales in his favour and help kill the General.

Does Hae-Rang manage to make it out the whirlpool?

Meanwhile, Hae-Rang faces off against the other ship’s general, as well as trying to thwart his cannon-laden ships. However, a volcanic explosion causes the sea to cave in and become a whirlpool, which she’s forced to navigate.

There are some similarities to At World’s End here, especially as Hae-Rang tries to navigate around the water to safety. With her expert sea-faring skills, Hae-Rang is successful, narrowly avoiding the brunt of a monstrous wave that threatens to kill them all.

The desperate general turns the cannons to her ship, attempting to sabotage her escape. However, the exploding lava sees him perish and Hae-Rang survives. However, she does so without her ship, as it ends up being destroyed by the waves anyway.

Does Mak-Yi get the gold back?

While all this is going on, Mak-Yi stumbles upon a penguin which happens to have a gold bar in its mouth. He swims down, holding onto a rope attached to the penguin, where he finds an enormous ship full of gold.

However, it’s also guarded by a bunch of penguins who seem to be native (and sentient if the numerous slaps and poop jokes are anything to go by.) After some initial hostility, Mak-Yi manages to keep the gold for himself.

How does Lost Treasure end?

Mak-Yi sails out the cave and manages to reunite with the rest of the crew, gold in-tow. With the group delighted, Mu-Chi and Hae-Rang kiss, uniting themselves as a couple to lead their crew forward.

With the lost treasure in their grasp, and a brand new ship to sail the seas with, they head off into the sunset as we fade to black.

While there’s not a lot to Last Royal Treasure, the story does manage to make good on its goblin-face foreshadowing, along with adding some rip-roaring action for good measure.

In the end, the good guys survive, the bad guys perish, and everything is left open for a possible sequel in the future.


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