Pinocchio (2022) Ending Explained – Does Pinocchio turn into a real boy?

Pinocchio Plot Synopsis

A remake of the original 1940 movie, and also the second Disney animated movie ever made, Pinocchio follows the story of a puppet brought to life.

Geppetto, a lonely old craftsman, misses his late son and makes a puppet that resembles him. He names him Pinocchio and makes a wish on a star just before he goes to sleep. But little does he know that his wish will come true. Soon, a blue fairy visits the little house and brings Pinocchio to life.

But Pinocchio wants to be a real boy! And for that, he must prove himself brave, truthful, and unselfish. Over the course of the movie, Pinocchio meets kind and sinister people and goes on exciting and terrifying adventures. So how does the movie end? Does Pinocchio achieve his dream of becoming a real boy? Let’s find out!

What happens to Stromboli?

Towards the beginning of Pinocchio’s journey, the puppet is duped by a conniving fox named Honest John. Honest John sells Pinocchio to Stromboli, a puppet master with a travelling theatre. While Stromboli mistreats him and locks him in a cage, Pinocchio soon escapes with the help of Jiminy Cricket.

Near the end of the film, Pinocchio meets Fabiana and her puppet Sabina, who were part of Stromboli’s troupe. Fabiana tells Pinocchio that Stromboli has been arrested for his exploitative behaviour. Now, Fabiana and the others run the theatre themselves.

How does Pinocchio lose his donkey’s ears and tail?

Fabiana offers Pinocchio a spot on their new puppet show. Pinocchio is tempted since he enjoys fame and attention. But he declines and chooses to go save his father instead. Through this act of unselfishness, Pinocchio’s donkey’s ears and tail disappear!

How do Pinocchio and gang escape Monstro?

While going to meet his father on the open sea, both Pinocchio and Geppetto end up swallowed by the giant sea monster named Monstro. Then Pinocchio gets the idea to light a fire. They find some oil and Pinocchio rubs his feet to generate a spark and set it on fire.

The fire and smoke make Monstro sneeze Pinocchio and Geppetto out. But they are still not safe as Monstro begins to chase them. Pinocchio uses his legs to speedily guide the tattered boat with their entire party into the entrance of a small cove, leaving the giant Monstro to crash into the mountainside.

Does Geppetto survive?

As the boat enters the cove and crashes on land, Geppetto seems to be unconscious. Pinocchio tries to wake him but he remains unmoving. Distraught, Pinocchio begins to cry. A tear falls on Geppetto’s face and he wakes up, healthy as ever!

How does Pinocchio end?

Once Geppetto wakes up, he takes a second to remember everything that’s happened. He is full of praise for Pinocchio and commends him for being brave, truthful and unselfish. He admits that while he earlier might have made Pinocchio think he wanted something else, what Geppetto really wants is Pinocchio, just as he is. He is proud of him and loves him the way he is.

Pinocchio says he loves Geppetto too and the pair share a heartwarming hug. The movie ends with Geppetto, Figaro the cat, Cleo the fish, and Pinocchio, all making their way out of the cave. They move towards a shimmering blue light, ready to go home and live happily as one family.

Does Pinocchio turn into a real boy?

In the last moments of the film, as the newfound family walks out together, Jiminy Cricket comes to the end of his narration. He says that many stories were told about Pinocchio, with some claiming he becomes a real flesh-and-bone boy. However, Jiminy doesn’t know if that ever happened. But he says it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Pinocchio was brave, truthful and unselfish and that made him as real a boy as any!

As Jiminy narrates these last few sentences and Pinocchio walks away with Gepetto, we do see his wooden arms and legs turn to those of flesh. What little can be seen of his cheek, looks rounder and softer. So, the film does hint that he becomes a real boy. But, with Jiminy’s narration, the movie emphasizes that what really matters is on the inside, not the outside.

Is the ending different from the original movie?

Yes, the ending of the 1940 film takes a slightly different turn. Instead of Geppetto, Pinocchio is the one who dies while trying to get them into the safety of the cove.

Back home, Geppetto, Cleo, Figaro and Jiminy mourn the lifeless puppet. But the fairy’s voice is heard saying that Pinocchio fulfilled his goal of being truthful, brave and unselfish. Her magic turns the lifeless puppet into a real boy. Geppetto and the others are overjoyed and the film ends with them celebrating in their house.


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  1. Omg! I am so glad I read someone’s comment to rewatch the very end. Pay attention to his legs as he walks with Gepetto. He turns real!!! I am so happy!!!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Leaving a comment to let people to watch Pinocchio closely in the last frames of the movie. He does turn into a real boy at the last moment before the screen transitions to the drawing. I pointed this out to my fiancée and she was much happier. She thought he didn’t change at the end when she watched it the first time.

  3. In the remix of Pinocchio he did not turn into a real boy at the end which disappointed me and my entire family because of the original movie he does turn into a real boy and so therefore because of that I did not like it

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