Piggy (2022) Ending Explained: Does Sara rescue her tormentors?



Piggy Plot Summary

Piggy follows an overweight teen girl named Sara who is ridiculed by her peers because of her size. Much of the bullying comes from three girls who live in her neighbourhood. They constantly make reference to her body by nicknaming her ‘Piggy,’ and they inflict other indignities on Sara to make her life even more of a misery.

Early on in the movie, after Sara is almost drowned by one of the girls at the local swimming pool, she spots her attackers in the back of a van. They have been abducted by a man that she previously spotted at the pool and it’s clear that his intentions for them are in no way honourable.

Sara decides to leave them to their fate but later, after struggling with the weight of her decision, she is given another opportunity to save them.

Does Sara rescue her tormentors? Or does she let them die at the hands of their abductor?

Let’s take a closer look at the movie.


Who abducts the girls?

It’s unclear who the man is but he’s probably not a local. Sara first spots him while at the swimming pool. He is witness to the bullying that Sara endures at the hands of the bullying teens – Maca, Roci, and Claudia – though he does nothing to help her.

After one of the bullies almost drowns her with a fishing net, Sara manages to swim to safety. Under the water is the dead body of a lifeguard but this gruesome sight goes unnoticed by Sara who is more concerned with her own plight.

The girls take Sara’s clothes and run off with them, forcing the poor girl to walk back home in her tattered swimsuit. During her journey, she comes across a white van and notices one of her bullies in the back of the vehicle. The girl is bloodied and screaming to Sara for help.

In the front of the van is the man from the swimming pool. He locks eyes with Sara and seems to be waiting for her approval. After seeing the girls bully her, he likely sees himself as her rescuer, even though he did nothing to help her when she was being attacked.

Sara has a choice to make. Does she rescue the girls from the back of the van? Or does she leave them to their potentially terrible fate?

She decides on the latter.

Does Sara go to the police?

Sara doesn’t go to the police. While the decision she made weighs heavily on her, it is possible that she is glad that her bullies have been abducted. Later in the movie, Sara reveals she didn’t help them because she was scared. But having endured years of abuse from these girls and people like them, this might be a lie.

Later that day, the body of the lifeguard is discovered in the pool. He has been killed and it can be assumed that the guy Sara encountered previously was responsible for his death.

A police investigation into the murder takes place and Sara’s mother reveals to them that her daughter had been at the pool that day. When questioned by the police, Sara denies this and instead tells them she had been at the local river.

Does Sara see the man again?

Yes. Sara returns to the area where the girls were kidnapped to look for her missing phone. She isn’t the only one in the area as the girl’s parents are also there looking for their missing children.

Also present is the girls’ abductor. He approaches Sara and together they take shelter to hide from both the parents and the police who arrive at the scene when the parents discover the body of another woman who had gone missing.

Following this encounter, Sara returns home where she is later confronted by a boy named Pedro who has video footage of her at the pool. She tells Pedro about the bullying and urges him not to tell anybody about the video. However, she also tells him that she will speak the truth to the police if he is accused of any wrongdoing. He promises to remain quiet but shortly after, when it seems likely that he might be considered a suspect, he tells the police Sara had been at the pool.

Does Sara get into trouble?

Sara is questioned by the police at the station but her mother, who is aware her daughter must have something to hide, stops them from asking her too many questions. They leave the station but just as Sara thinks she has escaped the consequences of her lie, she faces trouble of a different kind when she returns home with her mom and comes face to face with the man from the pool.

He has already killed Sara’s father but when she and her mom arrive, he kills her mother too. He lets her brother live at her request but then takes her away in his van.

During the journey, the man accidentally crashes his van into a bull. He tends to Sara’s injuries from the crash but the pain (or perhaps the shock of the whole experience) causes her to faint.

Where does the man take Sara?

He takes her to an abandoned slaughterhouse where two of the abducted girls – Claudia and Roci – have been hung up like animals waiting to be slaughtered. Sara makes this terrible discovery after waking up and then finds something far more gruesome – the body of Maca, the chief bully, who has been chopped into pieces.

Sara has another choice to make. Does she free the girls? Or does she leave them at the mercy of the killer?

After a moment’s panic, she tries to help them but shortly after, the murderer arrives. He tells Sara that he won’t harm her and offers to kill the bullies with her help, which is something Sara starts to contemplate. But then she turns, fights with the man, and eventually kills him by biting into his neck and tearing out his flesh.

Claudia and Roci ask Sara for help again but with their request for help comes the same bullying attitude they have displayed before. At this point, Sara picks up the shotgun and takes aim at them.


Does Sara kill her tormentors?

Sara has the opportunity to kill her tormentors but instead decides to do the honourable thing. Instead of blasting them away with the gun, she shoots at the shackles that are holding them and frees them instead.

She then leaves the slaughterhouse and heads to town with Pedro, who just so happened to be riding by on his motorcycle.

Did Sara make the right decision?

Murder should never be condoned so yes, Sara did make the right decision, even though she could hardly be blamed for wanting to kill her oppressors.

But while Sara may have found some level of comfort in killing her bullies, by taking the higher ground and by showing how courageous she was in the face of terrible danger, she still gained some kind of victory.

We don’t know what happens to Sara after the events of the movie, but it can be assumed that she is no longer the weak victim that she appeared to be previously.


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