Peter and the Wolf (2023) Movie Review – An excellent adaptation of a classic

Peter and the Wolf

To those with an ear for classical orchestra, will know about Peter and the Wolf. Composed in 1936 by Sergei Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf is aimed to be a sonic children’s fairy tale. This composition has seen several adaptations and performances since it was first presented. The latest adaptation to hit the block is a grayscale animation featuring artwork inspired by singer Bono’s drawings and Gavin Friday’s 2003 book. 

Peter and the Wolf  is a story of a twelve-year-old boy named Peter who has just lost his mother. Now an orphan, Peter lives with his grandfather in a house near a meadow. A duck, a cat and a small bird are their companions. Neither Peter nor his grandfather talk to each other. When Peter wants to go to the forest to catch the wolf, his grandfather forbids him. Peter is not happy, but he respects his grandfather’s command. 

The short film echoes the ongoing gothic environment owing to the Halloween season. It is just under 32 minutes and does complete justice to the story. What sets this adaptation apart is the inculcation of Bono’s white lineal artwork to represent the wolf. While the rest of the animated characters follow a regular 3D animation style, the wolf sports bold white chalk lines without the roundness needed for a smooth animation.

Despite the geometrical boundaries, the animated wolf justifies the emotions of fear and scare aimed to be invoked in a viewer. As the wolf loses its chalked out boundaries, its lines become softer symbolising the change in the wolf’s identity. It also symbolises the change in Peter and his grandfather’s outlook towards the wolf.

The only spot of colour is the splash of red. Though in contrast, it is vital. The red is seen on Peter’s shirt, the duck’s feet and also as wolf’s blood. It won’t be wrong to say that the duck was shown with a splash of red to foreshadow its eventual demise at the hands of the wolf. The red color symbolises a connection within the story, and also a change in perspectives.

With just a few pages worth of dialogues, Peter and the Wolf  sends a good message to the viewers. The narrator says “A wolf can come in many disguises” and it rings true at the end.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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