Perfect Marriage Revenge – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 12

Does Yi-joo escape from Jung-wook?

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12 picks up right where the last one left off. Jung-wook, who escaped from prison, has abducted Yi-joo. Apart from that, Sun-gwon finds out that Jung-wook’s leg is perfectly fine after reviewing the CCTV tape. Following that, he informs Do-guk about his brother’s route.

We then meet Jung-wook, who has abducted Yi-joo and is now driving away with her bound in the backseat of his car. During this time, Yi-joo successfully disentangles herself from the rope. However, she leaves Jung-wook in the dark about this.

Almost immediately after, Do-guk approaches Jung-wook’s car and stops him, just as Yi-joo has begun to strangle him. Following this, Do-guk and Jung-wook get into a fight, and Do-guk’s brother stabs him.

During Jung-wook’s attack on Yi-joo, Do-guk, still wounded, gets to his feet and hits Jung-wook. Luckily, Jung-wook gets taken into custody by the authorities, who immediately show up. Meanwhile, Do-guk is taken to the hospital and stays in the emergency intensive care unit as a consequence of his severe injuries.

Whose child is Yoo-ra pregnant with?

It has come to light that Do-guk’s injuries are so severe that he remains under close medical supervision following surgery. In the meantime, Yoo-ra has started to show, and the hotel staff requests that she leave Jung-wook’s room. She visits Jung-wook’s family home, given that she is homeless.

After arriving at Jung-wook’s home, she attempts to convince Tae-ja and the rest of the family to accept the child she is carrying with Jung-wook. The legitimacy of Jung-wook’s paternity remains a mystery to Tae-ja. She then asks Yoo-ra to undergo testing, following which she promises to accept the kid if it is indeed Jung-wook’s.

Following that, we cut to Se-hyeok, who has just brought a girl home. His mother, Jae-sook, is thrilled about getting the girl married to her son, and so she cooks her a good meal.

Nonetheless, Yoo-ra arrives shortly thereafter and claims that she is carrying Se-hyeok’s child. After breaking off their relationship, Se-hyeok’s girlfriend leaves, leaving Jae-sook in a state of great disappointment and anger. Following this, Se-hyeok confronts Yoo-ra, who breaks the news to him that she is pregnant with his child.

How does Perfect Marriage Revenge Season 1 end? Do Yi-joo and Do-guk stay together?

Time skips ahead a few months, and the scene shifts. Yi-joo is overjoyed to have Do-guk back after he regains consciousness. Furthermore, Yi-joo and Yeon-hwa’s relationship has never been stronger. Additionally, she has come to terms with Jamie, her biological mother.

With the season coming to a close, Yi-joo, Do-guk, and their daughter take a family photo. Following this, Yi-joo paints a portrait of the trio. The season comes to a joyful close as Yi-joo finally gets the family she has always wanted and finds happiness.

The Episode Review

Throughout episode twelve, we go through a rollercoaster of emotionally charged scenes. Nevertheless, all’s well that ends well, and this season was truly a testament to that.

In the first episode of the season, Yi-joo struggles to win over her family, who always reject her no matter how much she tries. The season concludes with her happily married and blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Despite the show’s relatively dull middle, this episode salvages the situation and brings a positive ending. The show’s characters are somewhat clichéd, but that’s not always a negative thing because it serves the plot well.

The protagonist’s victim complex is one genuinely annoying element. Even though it’s understandable considering her difficult life experiences, it becomes tiresome when she constantly brings it up and blames it for her errors of judgment.

Putting that aside, I thought the episode and season were entertaining. Enjoyable character arcs, decent performances, and a compelling plot make this one worth watching.

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