Perfect Marriage Revenge – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

As Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 6 begins, Yi-joo and Do-kook are getting ready to tie the knot. Yi-joo is unconcerned with the ceremony, certainly owing to her new discovery. Do-kook, nevertheless, reminds her of her goals. The two of them exchange vows following this.

Not long later, Yoo-ra shows up wearing a white wedding gown in an attempt to upset Yi-joo. Yi-joo, on the other hand, doesn’t seem phased and puts her stepsister in her place.

Yi-joo and Do-kook are later spotted sleeping in different rooms that same night. In addition, Yi-joo leaves for the beach the next day before Do-kook can wake up.

The action shifts to Yi-joo, who is enjoying the peace and quiet on the beach. Do-kook appears soon after and surprises her. The two of them then enjoy some quality time together.

On the other hand, Yoo-ra calls Se-hyeok and requests to meet with him. The two of them wind up spending the night together shortly after.

Meanwhile, Yi-joo is afraid to get too close to Do-kook. Nevertheless, he recognizes that and offers her comfort. Yi-joo then confides in him about Jin-woong being her biological father. Following that, we see her crying while Do-kook consoles her. Following this, the two of them end up spending the night.

The scene changes to Yoo-ra telling her mother that the only way she can get even with Yi-joo is by marrying Jung-wook. Meanwhile, Jung-wook is having financial difficulties in his department and is unable to get a loan from the business.

Yi-joo and Do-kook visit Do-kook’s family later that day for dinner. A while later, Yoo-ra enters, and she and Jung-wook announce their intention to get married as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

In episode 6, Yi-joo gets married to Do-kook. Yoo-ra, on the other hand, spends the night with Se-hyeok. She is determined to marry Jung-wook, though, in order to exact revenge on her stepsister.

The episode keeps up with the show’s tone. The protagonist continues to go back and forth with her stepmother and stepsister. This episode’s drama has reached unprecedented heights, almost to the point of being daily soap-like.

The drama element is on the verge of being overdone in the show. We hope the upcoming shows maintain some realism. Having said that, we’ll have to wait and watch the way the plot develops moving forward.

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