Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Season 1 Episode 6 “We Take a Zebra to Vegas” Recap & Review

We Take a Zebra to Vegas

The events of the previous episode are continued in Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 6. Along with his companions, Percy rides on the livestock truck. At this point, Percy experiences a terrifying dream in which an unknown entity is speaking with the master bolt thief. The speaker continues by suggesting that a deadly confrontation between Zeus and Poseidon is not the final objective but rather something even more sinister. Soon after, a terrified Percy awakens, but he keeps the truth from Grover and Annabeth.

The next scene depicts Percy and Annabeth summoning the rainbow goddess Iris with the help of a drachma. They go on to request a gateway to talk with Chiron at his office. But they wind up finding Luke instead. They go on to tell him that they think Ares’s daughter, Clarisse, stole the lightning bolt. Ahead of Percy’s announcement that they will meet Hermes in Vegas, Annabeth cuts off the gateway because of Luke’s troubled relationship with his father, Hermes.

Not long after that, the three of them get off the livestock truck, and Grover, being a Satyr, helps in liberating the animals. As a consequence, the animals are seen wandering in the middle of the road. Following this, Annabeth spots the Lotus Casino, where Ares said Hermes will be present. They all go that route after that.

On reaching the casino, Annabeth warns Percy and Grover not to eat anything, as there’s a myth associated with Lotus seeds. Legend has it that after eating a lotus seed, Odyssey lost all sense of time and space. The three then decide to split up to find Hermes. Since Percy has never seen Hermes, he and Annabeth go together, while Grover heads in a different direction.

As Percy and Annabeth are looking for Hermes, she tells him about Grover’s relationship with Hermes. Meanwhile, Grover comes across Augustus, a satyr. He then convinces Grover to look for Pan in the casino with him. While this is happening, Grover ends up forgetting everything, including why he was there, with whom he was there, and the task at hand.

On the other hand, Annabeth and Percy find Hermes. They want his help in gaining access to the underworld. However, Hermes refuses to lend a hand since, as he points out, things only get worse whenever he steps in. However, Annabeth manages to steal the keys to his vehicle, which can transport them to the underworld. They also take Grover with them, who doesn’t even remember his friends.

They discover instructions left by Hermes on the vehicle they take. Following that, they make it to California, where they end up on a moonlit beach. At this point, Percy walks into the water to meet Poseidon. However, a Nereid approaches him instead and delivers Poseidon’s message. Poseidon tells Percy to quit the quest, as the war is inevitable at this point. Nevertheless, Percy tells the Nereid that the risks surpass those of war and that he must complete the quest.

Nereid bestows four orbs upon Percy to be able to leave the underworld upon witnessing his determination; he and his companions receive three, while Percy’s mother receives the fourth.

The Episode Review

In the sixth episode, Percy and his friends succeed in getting into the Lotus Casino. However, Hermes refuses to help. Fortunately, Annabeth manages to steal his car key, and the three of them make it to California.

The episode is just as well-crafted as the others; it maintains your interest the whole way through, and the appearances of mythological creatures and Greek gods give the episodes a much-needed twist.

Additionally, the character playing Hermes in this episode truly stands out, and he immediately garners your respect and sympathy. Since the show has been more than we could have imagined thus far, we can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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