Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

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In the first scene of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Episode 1, we meet Percy, the protagonist, who is twelve years old. It has come to light that Percy is having difficulty concentrating in class due to his propensity for daydreaming and, more recently, his encounters with supernatural creatures.

Throughout his upbringing, Percy’s mother has instilled in him a deep appreciation for Greek mythology. Percy has to visit his counselor at school on a regular basis because of his visions. That said, his counselor believes these to be imaginary.

The sole friend Percy has at school, Grover, is also introduced to us. Since they are both reserved and ridiculed at school for being different, they get along well.

As part of his school trip, Percy and his classmates go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A bully is picking on Grover while they’re on the trip. As a consequence of his untapped magical abilities, Percy ends up pushing the girl into a fountain as he tries to help her. A supernatural woman named Mrs. Dodds also attacks him. He quickly realizes that he is the only person who can see the woman. Additionally, Percy has also been having visions of a minotaur. However, he concludes that it’s only his imagination and brushes it off.

Following this, on the basis that he assaulted another student, Percy is expelled from Yancy Academy. Mr. Brunner, Percy’s teacher, has an inkling of his abilities and cautions him that his path will not be easy.

In Manhattan, Percy pays a visit to his stepfather and mother. It is clear from their encounters that Percy and his stepfather, Gabe, have a rocky relationship. Not long after that, Sally, Percy’s mom, proposes that they visit their Montauk cabin.

On reaching the cabin, Sally tells Percy about him being half-blood. Additionally, she tells him that the tales she told him about Greek mythology are factual. She proceeds by telling him that she had an affair with his father at the cabin, who is a god, which makes Percy a demigod.

At first, Percy has a hard time believing his mother. However, his friend Grover shows up, and he’s visibly a goat from the waist down at this point. After introducing himself as a Satyr, Grover proceeds by claiming that he has been given the duty of guarding Percy. Additionally, he informs him that they must proceed to the camp to ensure Percy’s safety.

On the way to the camp, a minotaur relentlessly follows and attacks Sally’s car. In the end, Sally sacrifices herself to save Percy. Following this, Percy fights the minotaur and manages to kill him.

Once Percy reaches the camp, the situation changes. Here, he gains consciousness, and Chiron welcomes him, saying that they’ve been expecting him, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The first episode introduces us to Percy and his world quite effortlessly. After establishing our protagonist’s backstory, we dive headfirst into the plot. The creators have laid solid groundwork for the story so that the tale can unfold without a hitch. 

The show’s cinematography and color grading are top-notch. Although the protagonist’s performance isn’t particularly noteworthy so far, we are hoping it will improve in the episodes to come.


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