Pending Train – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Pending Train Episode 6 has guys from car 6 chasing Hatano through the woods with Kayashima and Shirahama running to help. Yonezawa thinks about all the things that happened since Kato was stabbed – it’s just like a manga – but real. Terasaki suggests they make some weapons, just in case.

Hatano makes the jump and car 6 continues to give chase. Meanwhile, Kayashima and Shirahama search car 6. They don’t find her but they do find blood. Yamamoto spins a story about a stabber in their train car who threatened other passengers. He paints himself as the hero who defended everyone but stabbed the guy with his own knife in the scuffle. Kayashima’s not buying it but they ask him to help find Hatano.

Car 5 goes absolutely feral at the possibility of their sweet Hatano being taken. They’re ready for war but Kayashima keeps his cool for once, recommending they focus on finding Hatano first. They head back out to look while the others work on weapons and defences. After arguing with Rena, Yonezawa thinks about his failures.

Hatano hides in the yacht as Yamamoto enters to make his regular SOS radio call. As he fakes it, she notices the wires are cut – and damn, he spots her. Here stands another passenger who’s happy to have disappeared from his previous life with his company going bankrupt.

She questions whether the story of what happened in the past is a lie too, but he has a log from the yacht that confirms it. They disagree about revealing the truth and he ties her up in the ship’s hold. A woman from car 6 brings her water, guiltily keeping the secret to protect her son.

Tied and with time to think, Hatano recalls the thing to which she’d rather not return. But she shouts for help anyway. As Kayashima and Shirahama make a fire by the stream to keep watch, Kayashima assures that Hatano will be fine – she’s super strong and can eat bugs and sleep anywhere… now Shirahama knows too. He hadn’t noticed any of those things.

The next morning, car 5 actually traps a car 6 guy who was lurking around and wonders what to do if they attack in force. Terasaki ponders Plan B – they should find another place if car 5 isn’t safe. The conductor goes with her.

Some of car 6 surge to get their guy back from car 5 and Yamamoto sends others to stop them while he heads toward Hatano. But the guy in charge of stopping the others sends the rest to collect weapons, countermanding Yamamoto.

Car 5 traps someone else in their rigging, throwing rocks to send them running. It’s now a brawl with sticks and fists to which Kayashima and Shirahama return. They’re fighting for resources now, and everyone jumping in. Car 5 is completely outnumbered, getting beaten at every turn. Tanaka spectates the whole thing, enjoying the foray.

Finally, Yonezawa climbs to the top of the train, shouting for everyone to stop. Is this the future you want? One of the car 6 guys grabs a duffle bag from car 5 running, just as Hatano appears, preventing a kid from getting knocked down by the escaping ruffian.

Hatano shouts the truth, that Yamamoto isn’t able to call for help. There is no rescue coming. He claims he lied to give hope. Kayashima points out that he just wanted to be king. Yamamoto gives Shirahama the ship’s journal.

As they start to rebuild, Kato tells Yonezawa that he was cool for intervening. Hatano apologises to Kayashima for causing trouble. He gives her a ‘well done’ that leaves her speechless. Then she bursts into tears. Shirahama comments to Kayashima that Hatano really is strong. Kayashima explains to the dummy that he’s the thing that keeps her going – and he hasn’t yet noticed.

Professor Hasumi, from the Astro-physics department, is told that Kato from their department is one of the missing from the train incident. He begins looking into the phenomenon.

The Episode Review

Even being misled by Yamamoto doesn’t explain why car 6 is so aggressive in Pending Train Episode 6. What are they winning? As Kayashima’s pointed out previously, they’re all stuck there anyway. There must have been a moment or two where at least some characters wondered if they’d gotten into the wrong train car that day.

As Kayashima reveals himself and Shirahama seems a little lost, it’s Yonezawa who stands up when it’s needed, bringing the animals out of attack mode. Kato thinks he’s cool – bet he’s not the only one, no matter how tearfully he pulled it off. Terasaki surely would have been impressed.

Scrolling to the end, did you spot Shotaro Mamiya’s cameo as Professor Hasumi? As a professor of astrophysics with a colleague to save, he’s got a vested interest. If there’s no SOS call out, maybe he’s the guy who can figure things out. Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of Japanese dramas, you may recognize him as Kento from the recent Viki romance drama, Cinderellas of Midsummer.

Four more episodes to go and right now, the future isn’t looking as bright as it was. But that’s not holding them back from making the now better.


Who’s your favorite passenger now? Has it shifted since the first couple of episodes? Let us know in the comments below.

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