Peacemaker – Season 1 Episode 7 “Stop Dragon My Heart Around” Recap & Review

Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Episode 7 of Peacemaker turns the focus back to the past, as we see Chris and his brother Keith in their room, listening to rock music. With Auggie holding bets, they’re encourages to head out and fight one another in a no-holds barred match. With a big punch to the cheek, Chris knocks out his brother who ends up convulsing and fitting on the floor.

Frothing at the mouth, Auggie jumps in and realizes Chris has killed his brother. This seems to be the origin of his father’s disdain and as Peacemaker reflects on this painful moment from his past, he struggles to hold back tears.

Vigilante snaps him out of his entranced state though, as the pair collect their gear and prepare to go after Locke. Economos is with them too and drives them to their destination. Only, they’re not alone. White Dragon and his fanatics are on their trail. White Dragon smashes into the side of the truck and knocks them down.

Peacemaker and the others do manage to escape though, but given they’re being tracked it doesn’t take long for them all to mobilize again. Peacemaker soon realizes his helmet has a tracking device in and he ditches it, losing White Dragon in the process.

In their absence, Emilia confronts Leota about the planted diary. The thing is, Leota actually lost her job and Waller offered her this one – which inevitably sees the truth about Waller being her mum divulged too. Murn already knew though, as it turns out, and he implores the pair to stop bickering and colLect up their gear. With all of their Butterfly brains connected, and Locke now compromised, the whole operation is hanging in the balance.

Meanwhile, Judo Master manages to escape froM his restraints, having recovered from his chest wound, and stands at the convenience store, all bandaged up and eating chips. Beating down a couple of thugs and stealing a car, he takes off.

Back at the apartment, Emilia and Leota manage to evade the police, who show up and find Murn. After killing him, and the Butterfly inside, they’re left alone to carry out this operation. Only, Judo Master suddenly enters, leading to a big fight between him and Emilia. He takes his eyes off Leota though, who manages to take him out with a taser.

Back in the field, Peacemaker and Economos catch up with Vigilante, who happens to be passed out in his car. Unfortunately he’s also taken all of Peacemaker’s helmets from Auggie’s house and that leads White Dragon back to him. After knocking down Eagley, Auggie turns his attention to Peacemaker. Knocking him down, Auggie prepares to take his son out. Only, Economos shows up with a machine gun, killing all the fanatics alongside him. Vigilante pounces on Auggie, short-circuiting his suit.

In doing so, Peacemaker turns his attention to his father and punches him numerous times, calling him out for his hostile attitude in the past. As Auggie antagonizes him, Peacemaker grabs a gun and shoots his dad in the head. It’s an emotional moment, something that’s thwarted slightly by a joke thrown in by Vigilante.

Peacemaker worries that Eagley is dead meat and ends up praying to the Lord to save his pet, given he’s the only one who understands how he feels. With Leota watching from the window, she looks in awe at the bird as Eagley reawakens and embraces Peacemaker. Leota is shocked, and she sees this as a sign. Instead of heading home, she’s all-in on the Cow plot.

With Emilia now leading the charge, she briefs the team and warns them that this isn’t going to be an easy task. With Goff and the rest of the gang mobilizing at the Ranch, Emilia and the motley band of misfits all join together and prepare for the final fight.

As we cut across to Goff and the others, we catch a glimpse of the Cow. It’s even more horrific than we could ever imagine. With 6 eyes and large udders, the amber is extracted from his creature, which is being kept underground.

The Episode Review

If you’ve been following these recaps over the weeks, you’ll know I wasn’t sold on the show to begin with. Episodes 2 and 4 in particular felt like big steps back for the show, throwing in repetitive jokes and doing very little to actually advance the story. At the other end of the spectrum is this absolute gem of an episode.

It may be the shortest of them all but we finally get to understand what happened to Chris and his brother in the past. Not only that, we gain a lot more context over the White Dragon subplot which is eventually ended. Leota also has some nice character development too, understanding that Peacemaker really is a nice guy and actually seeing Eagley hug for herself.

If that wasn’t enough, the episode has just the right amount of action and drama thrown in too, along with everything building beautifully toward the final conflict. That finale looks set to be quite the dramatic affair too, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Will Peacemaker and the gang manage to save the day? We’ll have to wait and see!

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