Peacemaker – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Choad Less Traveled” Recap & Review

The Choad Less Traveled

Episode 4 of Peacemaker begins with Peacemaker and the gang heading back after their “successful” mission against the Senator and his family. Judo Master is alive, as it turns out, and he’s taken captive in the office where Murn is waiting for the gang. He questions Peacemaker over his hesitance in the field, who holds his own and claims it was only because kids were involved.

For now, Peacemaker is tasked with heading out with Vigilante. After half his pinky toe was cut off, he continues to complain that he’s never going to walk again. They drive up to Auggie’s house together, where Peacemaker breaks in, looking for his dad. While he does, a news report mentions a gorilla that’s gone missing. While that’s not that important this episode, it could be in the chapters to come so it seems like a good addition to add on here!

It doesn’t take long before Peacemaker learns that Auggie has been sent to jail, and lashes out at Murn and the others for this. That’s a problem, and Murn worries that Peacemaker will head to jail to see his dad. In order to stop that from happening, he tasks Leota with tracking him down and stopping him.

After telling him the truth about switching the reg plates, Leota goes on to mention Auggie’s supervillain identity and how he’s a white supremacist. She tries to convince Peacemaker not to see him but it’s no good.

In jail, Peacemaker shows up and uses a penis analogy to try and explain their complicated relationship but obviously it falls on deaf ears. Auggie even tells Peacemaker that he loved his brother more than him, which obviously cuts deep.

While he leaves with his tail between his legs, listening as Leota tries to encourage him, Vigilante shows up at the jail, getting himself arrested so he can take out Auggie. Of course, he continues to pedal the pinky toe issue, while Auggie himself demands the detective show up as he has information about the case.

Meanwhile, Judo Master breaks free from his restraints and after a swift kick to Economos’s chest, knocking him through a desk. He hurries out into the parking lot. Peacemaker follows and a fight between the two breaks out. As they hit a stalemate, Judo Master mentions how the Butterflies “aren’t what he thinks” Only, Leota appears and shoots him dead.

Murn soon finds out about plan to take out Auggie and lashes out at them all. Leota shrugs it off, claiming she’s just making the hard choices, but if he dies, there’s one less guy to help solve this case.

Vigilante gets himself arrested so he can get close to Auggie in prison. He manipulates the man’s lackeys to fight him, knocking them out with a brutal counterattack. Auggie is smart and isn’t easily provoked, waiting for the guards to break this up. As they’re both put on the ground, Vigilante mentions how Auggie is a “bad dad” and immediately realizes he’s linked to Peacemaker.

Speaking of which, Peacemaker catches up with Emilia in the bar, where she reveals more of his past. It turns out his file confirms his brother died “of mysterious circumstances” which Peacemaker was allegedly involved in.

While Emilia picks up Vigilante from jail, given here’s free to go, Leota starts looking through the files and notices Glan Tai could hold a crucial clue. She rings Murn, who reveals himself to be a Butterfly in a nice little twist to end the chapter.

The Episode Review

Peacemaker returns this week with a recurring pinky toe joke and a few more penis jokes too. Beyond that though, there’s absolutely nothing of note that happens this episode. Vigilante goes in….and then out of jail. Peacemaker goes in…and then out of jail. And Emilia’s purpose is to exude some exposition to Peacemaker about his file.

Beyond that, we get a little bit of action involving Judo Master and a quick resolution to Leota’s woes about not killing. In 42 minutes.

This show has been a real mixed bag and after a decent third episode, this one is back to old tricks again, with a chapter lacking substance and very little development. Hopefully this one picks up next week.

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