Patriot Act: “Indian Elections” Episode Recap & Review


Indian Politics

Hasan Minhaj has never shied away from a taboo topic. From censorship in China through to the exploits of Social Media, no topic is off-limits. Except perhaps, Indian Politics. After several sketches involving Hasan’s friends and family pleading with him not to discuss this topic, Hasan takes to the stage to discuss that exact topic.

The episode then begins with a look at the recent terror attacks that have gripped the country. With Pakistan and India both at each other’s throats, the attention turns to the upcoming elections where 900 million Indians are available to vote. With a parliamentary system akin to that seen here in Britain, Hasan breaks down the complexities of Indian politics with his usual combination of wit, charm and comedy.

Ultimately, the politics in India really come down to two dominant parties at the forefront of proceedings – the BCJ and the Indian National Congress Party. Through Hasan’s informative commentary, he sheds light on both of these parties, the corruptions they have deeply entrenched in their foundations and what the future means for the country with the upcoming elections. 

Now, this topic is an extremely taboo one and Hasan navigates this minefield incredibly well here. Mixing some American comparisons with archival news footage, Hasan effortlessly jumps back and forth between the accents and slapstick humour with home truths and very real issues affecting the country. Going into this I had absolutely no idea about Indian politics but after 30 minutes with Patriot Act I genuinely feel like I’ve learnt something here.

Another solid episode for sure, Patriot Act continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. This week’s episode is no exception and manages to shed light on a very difficult and taboo subject with respect and enough comedy to keep things light.


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