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Funny, smartly written and topically relevant, Patriot Act takes a familiar format and adds Hasan’s wit and knowledge to the mix, uncovering some of the biggest secrets and dangers in the world today. With 25 minute long episodes and a mixture of comedy and fact-driven revelations, Patriot Act is a show well worth checking out for its accessibility and educational content.

This first volume tackles a range of different topics from Trump’s immigration policy to Amazon’s monopolization of the online retail scene. Each episode is laid out in much the same way, beginning with Hasan taking to the stage and introducing the week’s topic to a live audience. From here, we then deep dive into the subject through a combination of archival footage, news reports and facts to back up points made. This is all shown to us via a couple of large screens behind where Hasan is standing with a good mixture of jokes and humorous, relatable comparisons for good measure.

The format itself is incredibly effective and although some of the jokes do drag on a little longer than they should, given that comedy isn’t the prime focus here it’s easy to look past this. Learning about the extent of social media’s influence on the world today or how trends influence our behaviour are really eye opening topics. Along with these subjects, there’s a wide variety of content examined and the smart, easy to digest manner this is presented to us in makes this a very easy show to binge.

If there’s one gripe though it comes from the camera work which oftentimes sporadically jumps between three or four different views of the stage. There’s moments where you’ll find yourself watching the side of Hasan’s face rather than seeing him face the camera and this can sometimes be a little distracting. When the camera pans out and shows Hasan in full with the screens behind him, Patriot Act is at its best and these angled work the most effectively throughout the show.

Smartly written and incredibly timely, Netflix’s comedy series Patriot Act is an important series. It sheds light on important topics in an easy to understand why and it does so in a way that’s funny and hard hitting in equal measure. Weird camera angles aside, Patriot Act is well worth checking out and given the bite size length to each episode, makes this one very easy to jump in and binge.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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