Pastel Faces – Blossom | Album Review

Track Listing

Silver Lining
Sakura Bloom
No Requiem
Heaven Sword


This album has elements of the music that defined the early 2000s and it has that emo influence that flourishes. Pastel Faces is a band which generates this emo sound, a sonic input that connects to emotion. From the onset of the record, Blossom, the act shows their courage and their focus, putting in the groundwork, and rallying their demons from the inner core of their minds.

The music is key here as the band is hell-bent on creating sounds that make us feel every beat, and their lyrics are just as fundamental. They’re good at creating moments of darkness too when the lyrics display despair and hopelessness. This dismay carries them through the gloom, and the dejection, and hits every part of their being.

Silver Lining starts the record. It’s a technical song with punk notes and screamo tension. The band don’t hold back in their venture as they tell us how it is through the pulsating segment of the chorus.

Stay balances grade-A instrumentals and the clean vocals explain love as being a tonic for the soul, though the band can’t connect fully to the lust that’s clawing at their resolve. It’s another intense track.

No Requiem boasts great structure and intent, and the band scream for a revolution. Again, the gloom covers every piece of their lives, absorbing all that matters. The chorus is memorable.

Pastel Faces bravely tell their story, a fable that mixes bad times and dying lust, though they’re still here, showing us their supreme talents.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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