Partner Track – Season 1 Episode 4 “Due Diligence” Recap & Review

Due Diligence

Episode 4 of Partner Track begins with Ingrid worried about how fast her and Nick are moving. With clothes all over the floor and the pair breathing heavily…we cut to them playing videogames. Nick is somewhat of a geek, given he has a number of games consoles on his shelf. After giving her some beautiful jewelry, Nick looks close to telling Ingrid he loves her… but she kisses him instead.

At the firm, there’s an upcoming talent show that Rachel’s lumped with. Ingrid meanwhile, heads off to see Marty but Jeff is there too and the pair end up competing for his attention. Now, we’re still on the Sun Corp deal and apparently there’s an active lawsuit against Min Enterprises over in Louisiana that’s thrown a big spanner in the works. The company obviously didn’t disclose this prior to the deal.

This issue stems from a woman claiming a chemical spill in 2022 led to her getting lung cancer. This could be awful for the company and Marty realizes the seriousness, deciding to bring Jeff and Ingrid along for the ride on his private jet. Oh, and they’re heading for Paris too. On the way, Ingrid and Jeff turn this into a competition, competing against one another for Marty’s approval. That’s only made worse when Nick rings and tells Ingrid he loves her. Ingrid awkwardly squirms and can’t say it back.

When the jet hits turbulence, Jeff gets worried and holds Ingrid’s hand. He apologizes after and tells her he doesn’t like not being in control. Anyway, it’s a momentary respite as the attention turns back to the case.

It would seem that there’s something fishy going on at Green Tech. It turns out Ted is actually well aware of this though and has someone in the inside. It turns out Green Tech are working on a new renewable energy source that could revolutionize the entire industry. This is actually why Sun Corp is acquiring Min Enterprises, so they can shut them down.

While Ingrid continues to find herself swayed by Jeff’s many, many flaws, Tyler is encouraged to blackmail Valdo and get the upper-hand. And playing dirty, he brings up the numerous incriminating social media posts to hold against him.

At lunch, Dan throws out nonchalantly that there’s no way Tyler will get fired for messing up due to being black and gay. Tyler is not happy. He calls out Dan for being racist, continuing on, pointing out that Dan “mixed up the two Latinx paralegals’ names one time.” Now, just to jump in here, Latinx is actually pretty offensive and many Latinos really don’t like that term. It’s a disappointing way to spoil what should otherwise be a really impactful moment. Anyway, the conversation comes to a frosty conclusion, with Tyler rasping about Dan’s white fragility and begrudgingly accepting his apology.

As the episode closes out, Ingrid phones Z after weighing up the options and lies. She decides he should strike a deal with Ted Lassiter after all. While she’s on the phone, she ends up holding Jeff’s hand the whole time, given the guilt she’s feeling. When Jeff tries to lean forward and kiss her after the call, Ingrid pulls away.

The Episode Review

The Sun Corp deal continues to be the main point of focus here and Ingrid’s swing into morally murky waters is causing her to feel pretty conflicted. Jeff and Ingrid are inevitably getting closer together, with the cliched “boyfriend so perfect and snuggly but way too clingy” trope rearing its ugly head here too.

Beyond that though, there’s really not a whole lot going on in this chapter, with Rachel’s talents reduced to sorting out a talent show and Tyler still going through the motions with this Luxe deal, in between dealing with Dan of course. Whether this is brought up in the episodes ahead however, remains to be seen.

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